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QIMOs – Qatar Indian Moms is a social group formed by Rachna Dand Pandey almost 2 years ago. The intent of starting this group was to bring mothers from Indian community under one platform. A platform where they could share their views, clarification, information needs, issues to get response from other moms and to interact with each other and build new relationships. Over a period of such short time, more than 3,000 moms who are based in Qatar have joined the group.

QIMOs hosts its monthly event ‘Gupshups’ (tea time/breakfast get-togethers) for face to face interactions and plan for next course of events and activities.

Some of the mega event organized includes Diwali Utsav (festival of lights), Bollywood Dhamaka, and Holi (festival of colours). These events, in general, give break to moms from their monotonous life and a chance to relax and re-energize.

The group also promotes ‘Mompreneur’, under which everyone gets a chance to advertise their products 1st Tuesday of evert month on its facebook page under “Mangalbazaar” initiative. In addition the above the group is also involved in charity drives during the holy month of Ramadan to help raise funds for workers in distresses and help school fees/expenses of students whose parents cannot afford it. The funds collected are provided to Indian Community Benevolent Fund (ICBF) for distribution to legitimate beneficiaries.

The group is currently managed by Deepa Jaiswal, Khushbu Jain & Nikita Mahuli.

Join us on https://www.facebook.com/groups/qimos/

Visits: 77579


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