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Aji Setiawan – Story of a Young Rising Photographer

When I have my camera in my hands – I know no fear.

The reasons that guided me to start in the field of photography are partly enigmatic. But from the moment I had my camera in my hands, I never left it. Very quickly the possibilities offered by this impulse were there to satisfy my creativity.

Hotelier by training, I stopped my liberal activity in 2016 to devote myself to photography. Self-taught in photography, I spend enough time documenting myself and discovering what touches me in the photographs of great photographers. The rest of the time I click my own photos. Despite the little perspective that I have on my work, I manage to perceive intentions, creativity, expression that allow me to make visible what my feelings and my eyes perceive. Finally, through travel and encounters, The notion of sharing remains culmination of my work.

Black and white has established itself as a reference for my projects, knowing by a pictorial approach the colour, I was too wary of the impact of colour on a photo which all too often attracts the eye at the expense of the subject or the background. Black and white allows me to geometrically compose my subject which is enriched with light and an infinite range of grey shades. I often look for a model or a subject, and refined it to a simple cliché, it is often an abandoned places, vacant stripped of activities or a person, not to fade them, but more to put them forward and strengthen their presence by their absence.

These days Young photographer like me expanding landscape, photography and environmental storyteller skills. I always picked up new ideas watching some successful photographer and their hard work inspires me to keep going, without giving up on photography.

Me as a young photographer I always focus on the below tips: ​

1) Structure your shoot
2) Find a story
3) Always pack a tripod
4) Know your subject matter
5) Seek out issues
6) Allow details to emerge originality
7) If it’s for a fashion shooting then prefer natural light

In Qatar, my shooting preferences are of streets, allowing bridges, landscaping, traffic, graffiti-strewn industrial buildings and housing estates to form the background of an urban city shoot.

Qatar is well known for a truly Marvellous modern commercial development that is being built around an Old Island located at the outskirt of the capital city of Doha. We young photographers always rely on the history of any country and Qatar’s 10 best museums help us to enhance our photography skills.
1) Museum of illusions, 
2) National Museum of Qatar, 
3) Museum of Islamic Art,
4) Musheireb Museum, 
5) Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, 
6) Matham Arab Museum of Modern Art, 
7) Fire Station artist in residence,
8) Msheireb Enrichment Centre,
9) QM gallery AL Riwaq,
10) Carre D’Artiste Doha


I will continue my journey as a photographer to pursue my passion and not for money because

“An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision”

Aji Setiawan – A Young Rising Photographer

Originally Born in Indonesia but in Love with Qatar my Second home…

Contact Me on 

Instagram:- https://instagram.com/aji_studio21?igshid=1kb5djebhv74e



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