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Anshu Jain – Through Corridors of Realization (Public Speaker,Entrepreneur,Anchor)


Humility, perseverance and hard-work, the pillars that paved the path of my life, are the gifts bestowed by my humble beginnings. My inclination towards continual learning and untiringly improvising is what makes my journey magical. Who I am and what I have become, reflect my intuition to listen and tell stories pertaining lives worth experiences and inspiration. I have adopted welcoming constructive feedbacks and applying as feasible, a part of my nature, which helps me forgo the clichéd senses of ego, envy and comparison. It has enabled me to pursue self-mastery. I count all that surround me a blessing and motivation to attain my dreams.

Rajnandgaon of Chhattisgarh, a renowned cultural hub from where I hail, has been an acme to lives of legendary literary personalities. I feel privileged and fortunate to be born in a family who values education and art above all. My father, a professor in Hindi literature at the reputed government college of Chhattisgarh and a renowned public speaker and writer, honoured with various accolades and awards, has been an incessant inspiration to me and my elder brother. Our mother a master in variety of subjects, a prolific speaker and an avid reader has dedicated her life to us and to education. My brother, an alumnus of NIT Raipur and IIT Mumbai is currently serving as an officer in Indian Railways. Must say that the seed has not fallen much far from the tree.
A second place in my first speech contest at the age of 6 was the point where I realized that my passion mirrored the quintessence of what my father used to do on stages day-to-day. I used to imitate him in front of the mirror at a tender age of 6 or 7. I hardly knew then that the splint has set the flair. I walked-in to participate in every speech or debate contest happening around then on, never to miss a feet on stage. Nevertheless support rendered by my parents in preparation, practice and above all, in pursuing the right opportunities for us is what laid the corner stone to construction of our passion. Dearth is not what one wish for, but lives beyond his life to reach for. After going for n number of contests and debates in school, district, state and national level and winning almost all of them, I still found I had to more to rally, which kept the flair alive in me to wake up at 4 in the AM just to practice for the same content despite several sessions of practice over days. No amount of practice is enough to win a passion.
On our way to conquer an ocean like public speaking, it’s not strange to pick a few pearls of passion that we relish and let bloom in days to come. One such pearl of passion was hosting events which I picked at age of 12. It was gradual in school days and bloomed up professionally at the age of 17 at college, further extending up to state level. To add on, another pearl I picked was dancing and art that my mom helped me flourish right from a young age. When we say to unleash one’s passion, it is important formerly to find the right one. I fortunately did.
Compliments to my mother who used to be sur-conscious of my glamz and glaze. I still remember during my 11th grade my mom bringing a bottle of milk to my class over her concern of my undernourishment at the breakfast that morning, for which my classmates teased me throughout the rest of the term. But it’s befitting to thank her for the personality that I carry today. And above that I would thank my dad for his motivational scolding each time he caught us killing time. So much so that, I would jot down his each word to decorate my next speech. Some may say parents are a blessing, I say they are more – They are the ones who bless.
A gentle transparent intellectual is what I know of my husband Rahul. My friend and my staunch support. Rahul works for Qatar Aluminium. I got married to him in 2012 after finishing my engineering. Doha became a nest to nourish my career and my dreams. Introduction to Toastmasters by a dear friend Mohammed Ajmal and guidance from my mentors Vinodh Pisharom, Koka Prasad and Arvind Iyer opened to me a new dimension to enhance my communication skills with a plethora of opportunities. I received an opportunity to try my hands on training and rub shoulders with amazing trainers at my first job at Savoy Global.
However everything else in my life had to wait for a new delightful twist descending into my life – my son Aayam. His arrival was an ignition to one more new beginning – the entrepreneur in me. We launched a new venture of our own in India “Jewel Vista”. Entrepreneurship is trivial game, it took me 78 exhibitions in 2 years to enlist and establish Jewel Vista amongst the leading entities in India in the same field.
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Doha witnessed my first step into professional hosting in 2016 in a well-received event -Bollywood Festival organized by Red Apple Events. But recognition found its way to my door through another distinguished event with wide acclaim – The Hasya Kavi Sammelan, organised by the North Indians Association, Qatar. for which a huge part had been the moral & hearty support from a guardian figure & a community Leader Mr.Harish Kanjani & Mr.Praveen Sharma. Eventually my dreams found wings and took flight to meet my passion. I touched midas as a host thereon the Musical star-studs such as A R Rahman show, Sonu Nigam show, Armaan Malik concert, Strings, heartthrob standups by Zakir Khan, Sunil Grover, food festivals, educative, corporate, national and statutory episodes, gatherings and all varieties of events, amounting to at least 125 of them, each after the other leaving Qatar awestruck.
In the mean course I happened to sharpen my inner thespian through participation in stage events. A exceptional musical ballet – Heer-Ranjha, directed by Mr. Sameer Moosa, was received with open arms by a large audience won me deserving appreciation.

Portrait by :- Dr.Sreekumar Padmanabhan

89.6 One FM Radio turned to become my medium to the world of media. The kind of exposure I owe to. Further on Inspire Training Academy served a fulcrum for me to organize mega motivational events, that enriched my organizing skilled. Equipped with my new tools, I designed, curated and attained a novel success as an Event Organizer, with applicable support and guidance by the leading industrialist and philanthropist in Qatar, Mr. Azim Abbas. I learnt there is no harm in being a rolling stone, but one that gather enough mass to make a mountain.
The world slugged, economies shrinked, fear of life shrilled all hearts and humanity shied away behind a mask, when nature decided to prove its point with Covid-19. But to many including me, it was a realization that, no matter what, the water of life cannot stand still. It has to flow and keep quenching the thirst of the soul and belly. Idleness was not in my nature too, I had to find my flow. I resorted to enriching my passion to read, enhance my vocabulary, volume and wit and learn all that life didn’t spare time to me before the COVID. I joined several courses relevant to journalism, psychology and mental shaping.
The world was literally now at our fingertips, so why not make the best of our fingertips and be benefitted by it too in different ways. So I initiated a conversation segment online “The Routine Smile” which was aimed to bring about a smile on the faces of people during various dimensions of challenging times. My sessions gave me an fathomless sense of satisfaction, as it was a bi-directional journey, one socially contributing and another mentally enlightening.Mr Gopal Balasubramaniam,a renowned corporate leader & Social Entity has served a staunch guide & support in its advent.

However, the last one year of my life, was the bona-fide turning point in my journey towards comprehending the genuine meaning and purpose of my life. Departure of my dear mother to her heavenly abode, was the unexpected twist that quaked my life by the root. Till then I had engraved in my heart that the rising sun always grabs the salute and till that point I chased appreciation, success and terms more fiscal. But all they gave me was a false sense of pride and happiness. It’s not that I devalue those terms even to-date, but at that turning point I realized that the true meaning of life is much more than them. In our chase for success and happiness, some debts tend to remain unpaid forever. I realized that the true value of life is derived when we spend it for and along those who deserve it. Life is defined by the moments that we have lived in and not that we have chased to live in.

Take any life that has claimed success, the truth endure that their success is forever celebrated, but never their journey. Today as I walked past my corridors of realization, I spend the best of my moments with my dearest and nearest ones. I spend most of my time with those who have been there for me throughout my ordeals and joy. I spend more time in the real world than the reel world. Today I celebrate my journey.

“Live The Life To The Fullest”

Anshu Jain(Public Speaker,Entrepreneur,Anchor)

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