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As the diplomatic crisis began imposing a trade and travel ban on Qatar, one of the main concerns of the residents of Qatar was the access to all the products that were being imported from the blockading nations. However, the crisis turned out to be an opportunity for local producers with supermarkets storing locally produced items. Now, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), in cooperation with shopping malls and large retail outlets, has unveiled the “National Product” initiative also. Under this initiative, malls and large retail outlets are displaying local products and goods bearing the slogan “National Product” prominently to facilitate consumers’ access to these products.

– Supporting the national product and marketing it in the local markets

-Supporting investors and giving them easy access to consumers

– Opening the market to traders and investors to introduce new products and expand production

National Product Features

High quality

Competitive prices are appropriate

Availability of different and varied products

List of National Products by Ministry of Economic & Commerce 








The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) issues mandatory requirements for the use of a national product logo on all agricultural, manufactured and semi-manufactured products sold within Qatar with the aim of supporting national products and marketing in local markets.

The MOCI issued the following mandatory requirements:

  • All manufacturers,producers and sales outlets who have obtained the necessary approvals and official licenses are allowed to use the logo.
  • The logo can be used on all locally manufactured and semi-manufactured products.
  • The logo shall appear on the front cover of the product’s packaging or a place which is clearly visible to the consumer, while taking into consideration not to place the label under the product
  • Logo stickers can be placed on shipping and distribution vehicles and must be designed to be proportionate to the size of the vehicle.
  • The logo can be placed on advertising materials for marketing purposes.
  • It is prohibited to use the logo on products intended for export. The phrase ‘Made in Qatar’ may be used in this case.
  • It is a requirement to adhere to design guidelines.
  • Changing the shape or content of the logo is prohibited.

Inquiries may be submitted to the department for the Promotion of National Product Competitiveness at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry or send an email to NPSD@moci.gov.qa.



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