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Don’t Rush To Lose All That Weight !


1. Exercise / workouts

Atleast exercise 3 times a week to get your heart rate up and at the same time to increase your metabolism . That keeps us active all day long and over the week months and lifelong. There are so many forms of exercises out there so don’t stick to one as even our body needs that change go  gyming, cycling, dancing, Crossfit, swimming, bowling , yoga and many more.

2. Know your body

We must not push ourself just because someone else is doing it because its our body and we have to love it . No one will know your body the way you know it ( not even your trainer ). Chose ur workouts wisely. It’s ok to do a low intensity workout and eventually increase the intensity.

3. Chose nutritious food over timely diet

We all want to diet to get that perfect body and diet to an extent where sometimes it becomes next to impossible to eat regular food . Dieting can give you that perfect body but many of us ( including me) cannot be on diet even for a day and reason can be various.
We don’t have to time prepare diet food
We feel hungry
We feel lethargic
It makes us feel sick
We have to cook two meal for us and for family and on and on.
If we don’t lose even after dieting we feel demotivated and that can be one of the reason of overeating too.
So we need to chose the right food and good food, nutrious food and include it in our routine diet not only for us but for our families too.
That saves our time energy and yes it works to make a healthy family

4. Find a workout partner

Its not that we can’t exercise, run, jog, walk alone but finding a partner for doing activities is one of the best options to be motivated and do our workouts regularly.
But nevertheless some people love working out alone and make nature or weight’s at their gym or machines their partners. But it’s all about finding our way out to keep ourselves motivated

Workout Activity Partner. Did you know that it's easier to get… | by LeisureClique | Medium
5. Keep only the best talk with you

We often meet people in the outside world with different mindsets and everyone has a different suggestion to give. And weight loss is a fad now and everyone wants to be there regardless of issues we face . So we unknowingly start talking about it at breakfast, lunch , dinner and almost everywhere. So we have to either stop the opposite person talk about it ( obviously in sweet manner ) or if we listen to their talks only keep the best and throw the rest out of our mind.
It’s depressing to talk on breakfast , lunch , dinner table about what to eat and what not.
So enjoy every bite

6. Cheat meals are so important

We have to eat our pizza , pastry , pasta etc one time in a week like a cheat meal. And it’s absolutely ok . It’s only going to give us motivation for the rest of the week to workout even better. Don’t be guilty about it and workout harder the next day. Don’t change your routine for anyone or anything in this world.

7. Fit mind ,fit body

I have always heard fit body, fit mind and my hashtags also says that but as I grow I have realized it about fit mind that help us recover from that soreness or rather mind telling body to get going. Having fit mind will help us achieve the fit body faster . Don’t let size of your body define your fitness.

Note : Fit body doesn’t mean thin or lean or perfect. It only means healthy and active lifestyle.

I being a dancer for 30 years and 10 years into fitness have done several mistakes regarding my body and also eating habits but as I grow at the age of 32 I realise what is good and bad for my body , mind , soul. And how to love our body is to let our body live in true sense.
Weight loss , inch loss , perfect body are all a process and it cannot come overnight. If we are following a routine that means we are perfect.
And hardwork always pays off. You treat your body with love and it will show maybe not immediately but surely.

PS: We say experience matters so everything that I have put up in words is what I am facing from being a girl , lady to women today regarding my health and body. You are thin or fat or fabulous people are going to do the talking anyway.
We all as girls and women for that matter even men have to love our bodies and not be harsh on it by doing all those crash diets under the roof.

Lifestyle change is important to get there and it will come with time and patience.

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