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Confidence and Self Worth


Let us talk about the new pace where people are extraordinary with their knowledge skills but bizarre they lack things to see over it that are they finding difficulty to achieve their goals or remain elusive. Then “interrogatory” why dreams remains in circle? Where they are lacking? What restrict them? What easily is troubling and frustrating them. This is due to lack of self confidence and self worth! That is concealed. They always remain blind in their dark side of life by not mending it. So to crack these eggs of huge questions of you people that lack of self confidence and self worth are barrier of yours to reach to sky full of stars, here are some tips that can help you to brick your self confidence, as it is known that it is a learned trait not present from your born day. So here it goes ‘follow these steps and breakdown your barriers”.


What we people are addicted with is to start comparing us with others in daily epoch. If you not stop, it would destroy your confidence and make you feel cramped. So, spring your own  life and keep moving in the direction of yours goals and aspirations without worrying about what others are doing.

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Avert people and places that treat you awkwardly. Remember, one negative thought can be enough to dwindle everything after your best efforts. So walk away!

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Try to figure out yourself; Get to know yourself sooner than later! With the speed world is moving, it has become a necessity to be self loving and confident. Always stay busy by engaging yourself in different learning sessions, like singing, dancing, cooking, horse riding, sports or makeup / beauty classes or whatever you like to do. And the most important is that trust on your judgement.

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A lot of times, we tend to put down ourselves seeing the progress in others. What we must do is work hard on ourselves and not let other things control our thoughts. Seeing a third person progress should only be a motivation for us, to perform better and not a means to block our growth.

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More knowledge gives you more confidence and definitely an edge over others. Indulge in reading and gaining knowledge. Empowering yourself with knowledge is the best strategy for building self-confidence.

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Criticising yourself for everything, thinking negatively about yourself, feeling you are not enough can lead to emotional turmoil and low self-esteem. Remember to love or self appreciate  yourself first. Practise self-love, honour your needs and desires and believe in yourself. Try to appreciate yourself and tell yourself all the amazing qualities you have, weather it is about your body, personality, character, anything! Tell yourself how amazing person you are and keep telling until you start believing it subconsciously.

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Keep an eye on your way of living. By adopting a healthy life style you would build your confidence. Have you ever noticed the level of satisfaction that comes when you exercise, eat and sleep well that day? Do try clean eating and exercise regularly it would make u feel much better and more confident.

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Improve your posture like standing straight, tall with your chest up and shoulder back look way more confident than slouching. Posture and body language plays a huge role in building up confidence. So, try it!

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Many successful people are doing it even after they achieved a lot. And the little secret is that saying things in front of a mirror really does make you more and more confident. You will be giving yourself a dose of self esteem and motivational boost.

In the end I would share a powerful tip, share your skills as it grows your confidence and you should be more thankful to yourself   for what you have .Always keep a smile on  it boost confidence and bring positivity.

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