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  • Mind’ is the ‘Seed’ and ‘Life’ is the ‘Tree’. As we sow, so we reap.
  • Mind is sum total of all our thoughts. On an Average, a human being thinks about 60,000 thoughts per day. 99% of these thoughts arise invariably from either the past or the future.
  • An Uncultivated land naturally becomes full of unwanted weeds. Similarly, an Uncultivated mind becomes full of unwanted thoughts.
  • There are 4 main Thought patterns of human psyche. Disastrous thoughts, Negative thoughts, Positive thoughts and Miraculous thoughts.
  • If we have a Disastrous mind, a Disastrous life will automatically follow.
    If we have a Negative mind, a Negative life will automatically follow.
    If we have a Positive mind, a Positive life will automatically follow.
    If we consciously cultivate Miraculous mind, a Miraculous life will again automatically follow.
  • At any given moment of time, we could always say ‘No’ to a previous negative thought pattern of the mind and give birth to a new positive thought pattern. The ball is always in our own court.

Now let us understand the 4 types of Mind with an small example

Ex :- Suppose a person is driving a Car or Bike for the first time into the city.

Disastrous Mind

Since I am driving the car for the first time into the city, I am terribly afraid that an accident may happen.

With such a thought pattern, if a person starts driving, an accident will of course happen because he actually said accident may happen.

Overthinking Sucks. So, what exactly is overthinking… | by Alghifari,  Taufiq | Medium

Negative Mind

I am driving for the first time into the city, I don’t know what will happen, may be I will have an accident or may be I will not have an accident I don’t know.

So, with such a thought pattern he will just avert a disaster. But they will land into some problem like parking in a wrong place, going in a wrong lane. In this case, there would be no disaster as such but there may be certainly a problem.

Two Steps to End Negative Mind Chatter Forever - T. Harv Eker

Positive Mind

Although I am driving my car for first time into city, it will be perfectly all right. Nothing untoward will happen.

They will handle it beautifully and return safely. There will be no accidents and there will be no problems also.

Positivity in the mind brings power in words. | Sonipat Retreat Centre

Miraculous Mind

Even though I am driving the car for first time, I will reach the targeted place comfortably and come back in 20 minutes.

So even if it is very first time, one can still set a target, a challenge for oneself. That is the constant state of a master’s miraculous mind.

Mind Power Matrix Intensive at Chennai - Events High

  • A ‘Life of a Person’ depends on the ‘Mindset of a Person’.
  • Every day we take bath as dust is accumulated. In the same way, the mind attracts many unnecessary thoughts when we go outside, so Mindfulness techniques are to be practiced daily to cleanse out all the unnecessary thoughts and make mind empty.
    “Body requires Bath” and our “Mind and Soul requires Meditation”.
  • We have to align our Body, Mind and Soul.

Physically fit with Body. Mentally fit with Mind. Spiritually fit with Soul.

  • When we practice Mindfulness techniques, Mind becomes the bridge between the Body and Soul otherwise it becomes a barrier between Body and Soul.
  • Meditation allows you to control the direction of your thought process.
  • When you are very strong and focussed and put more Energy, weight and prioritize any particular thoughts, you reduce the duration between the Thought and Manifestation time.

Now let us read a Small story about Mind

A Teacher asked Student to bring water from the small pit near the road. The student was going to bring the water then he heard sound of a river. He went back to the teacher saying he will bring water from the river, but the teacher asked to bring the water from the Pit itself. While the student was going, suddenly a Bullock cart wheel went into the water and water became muddy. Then the student just sat there for 10 to 15 minutes thinking what to do. After 15 minutes, the mud settled down and there was fresh water at the top. He took the fresh water and gave to teacher and teacher drank the water and kept quiet. Then the student asks teacher, there is something you want to convey me from this incident.

The teacher told comparing with the incident, your mind is full of mud water. If you stir it more, the more muddy it becomes and you can’t extract the fresh water from muddy water. So, this Muddy Mind has to settle down. If you stand still, sit still without stirring into your thoughts and just by observing the breath and staying cool, calm and relaxed in any given situation, the mind will settle down effortlessly.

  • You should always have a day plan. If you don’t plan you are failing to plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Whatever you want to do in a day just write down on piece of paper. When you look into paper, the mind is blank because whatever you are carrying in mind you are writing down in the paper. So, there is nothing to carry in mind. Mind becomes more organized.

Suggestion – Try to write on a paper and don’t try to use more your mobile apps. As Paper is made from trees and when you write down anything on Paper you can easily get connected to the nature.

  • Thoughts produce Neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, Dopamine, Cortisol which produce neuropeptides which drive Feeling in the body.

  • Finally I will conclude my topic, How our Thinking, Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions are we attract the same in our lifes as our Mind is like a Magnet. The secret is the “Law of attraction’’. We should always have a Positive Mind at Minimum and Miraculous Mind at a Maximum. Try to cultivate Miraculous mind and set Miraculous goals to achieve a Miraculous life.

Whatever work you are doing be completely mindful, thoughtful, watchful and with full of awareness in that work and don’t carry other things what you want to do. Be in the Present moment, don’t worry about past as it is gone and don’t worry for future also too much. Live in the Present moment and enjoy the life to the fullest.

Thanks a lot for everyone for reading my article and Wishing you all the Success.

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Watch Spiritual reality video on Breath Mindfulness Meditation for the procedure and benefits – https://youtu.be/nSaZdmsPdLQ

Please watch the English movie “The Secret” by Drew Heriot it is related to the topic.


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