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Stop Striving, Start Living: How to Enjoy Life More


“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose”.

Paychex on Twitter: ""Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is  ours to win or lose." – Lyndon Johnson #MondayMotivation #Quote… "

Have you ever stopped and looked around and wondered Why?

With the kind of mundane existence we are living our lives, we all had been hibernating. Days are a black-and-white routine: wake up, drink -eat, go to work, meditate, come home, lie down and sleep. Yet, our mind is always so busy filled with endless tasks, goals, big dreams, and an expanding sense of pressure as we crave more and more.

The moment we first start to ask why, symbolizes the moment when our life has the potential to transform. We begin to question the values, beliefs and intentions many of us have grown up with and taken to be real. It is the start of finding meaning to our existence

Stop the Ride and get off

Do you think having steady job, house of own and family, getting perfect body or having luxurious lifestyle will certainly give you happiness for that moment, sometimes we think, “If only I had those things I’ll  live a happier, more complete life”?

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Sorry to say that the life you may be striving for doesn’t exist.

It is more likely that you will immediately start striving for the next goal: an extension to the house, a promotion at work, even more responsibility. If we’re not careful we can end up on hamster wheel of endless working towards more goals, without enjoying the journey (and our successes) along the way.

3 Compelling Reasons Why The Journey Matters More Than the Destination | by  Tony Fahkry | Be Yourself

As we search more for meaning and explanation in our lives, the more we become a collective voice of people taking the first steps to challenge the conformity so many of us find ourselves trapped in.

What you think will make you happy doesn’t always work out, and life sometimes has other ideas. Normal doesn’t exist and it doesn’t matter how hard you strive. If you’re not careful, it will never be enough.

Now, I’m not trying to argue the merits of any of these motives and aims because they’re all necessary in the current world. However, something is missing from that list.

People are working to survive, not live

I learnt it hard way so does everyone, life itself is experience and practice of gratitude gave me insight and clarity, and ultimately, freedom.

Beginning to question the social construct around us can seem frightening, but it can also give us the key to great freedom in our lives. Freedom to making changes in our lives, and freedom from the fear that holds us back. It also gives us the ability to live truly in the moment, and the joy which accompanies that. We can start living our lives without struggling.

WFH burnout is real. A few practical tips to survive - The Economic Times

Way back in 2017, I had an opportunity to attend this conference in Malaysia and words articulated by the speaker Muniba Mazari had struck with me since then, below is glimpse of the beautiful words she share on reflection on life, love, and the pursuit of meaning:


 I was also reminded that I had wasted so much of life, striving and waiting. When really, have what i need. Right now, here. It’s true. There is always something to enliven our soul and fill it with a deep appreciation for life itself.

It’s not always easy, but each layer of our life leads us to the places where we are meant to be, the things that we are supposed to do, and the people whom we serendipitously happen to meet.

Life Is For Living by roman rauch on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

Perhaps most poignantly, I realized that Life is for living, with all of its pitfalls and promises. And so at that moment, I pivoted on my winding journey and recalibrated my GPS to forever lead to one thing: Love

And believe that you are ENOUGH

You Are Enough: A Love Note - Blessing Manifesting

We simply stop striving, our inner serenity steps forward, our iridescent spirit speaks, and we realize that all along the flow of life has existed for us, not in spite of us.

So be valuable, lovable, precious, perfect being, not because of anything you’ve achieved, but because you have a little spark of divinity in you, and that guarantees that you are enough and start living your Life!

Much Love



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