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Be Authentic Than Impressive

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“Happiness isn’t living a life that looks impressive to other people. It’s being true to yourself and knowing you have nothing to prove”.

From very young age, we are always been told to “Work hard for better progress”, little do we know those words would set the tone for us for the next twenty- thirty years of life —until we finally begin to question them.

It also happens that when most people think of speakers or leaders or someone we meet , they think of this perfectly polished, perfectly sounding, perfectly looking person with perfect vocabulary and the perfect gestures and so and on. We tend to care about the other people thinking we are impressive, until I had an realization that its far more important to be “authentic” than it is to be Impressive. I’ve made conscious effort  to unmask myself and be as authentic to self than to impress others.

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One can tell when one is not being honest with them. When you try to put on a performance that doesn’t come  naturally to you, you can do a lot more harm than good. Instead , look and act like your everyday self to put others at ease.

One of things I have learnt over the years is to embrace my imperfections, it makes me to relate myself more. This deep inner work allowed me to reconnect to my internal guidance system and my true self once more. Through this process I was able to take a good look at myself, confront my shadow side, heal my wounds of rejection, and forgive everyone involved, including myself.

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Truth is that No one cares that you’re not a perfect. In fact, most people love it because they aren’t perfect either!  

  • We lose self-connection, when we chase something external

              We all have our own inner mentor, but we have choose to listen to it instead of trying to be who we think we’re supposed to be.

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  • When we trust others more than we trust ourselves, we lose our personal power.

              The more weight we put on other people’s opinions, the less we trust our own inner knowing. it doesn’t matter how many well-meaning opinions we get; we need to find what resonates with us the most by checking in with our inner authority—which means going against what we learned growing up, when we were trained to ignore our inner voice and do what we were told.

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  • Impressiveness’ is a hunger that can never be satisfied.

As soon as we attain or do something, suddenly what we have isn’t good enough anymore. We keep looking over our shoulders to see how we’re tracking against everyone, and it becomes a tireless pursuit of keeping up with no real end in sight.

                                   Every ‘win’ is temporary.

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  • We mistake seeing Impressiveness as proof of worthy of love.

We think, “If I can be impressive then I can be accepted.” We want others to look up to us, praise us, and ultimately, love us. Instead, recognize that we are inherently worthy of love. regardless of what we have or have achieved.

  • We risk losing our Individuality

we chase after external validation and approval, we compromise who we really are in exchange and showcase a more curated, ‘acceptable’ version of ourselves to the world, and we hide other parts of ourselves that we think might be rejected by others. As a result, we lose our individuality—the essence of who we really are.

Are you losing your individuality to your company?

 Authentic is a thousand times more important and impressive than perfect. Here’s why:

  1. Authenticity help you to stand out.

Aa an individual focus on the value of a proposition that makes you unique. You’ll be able to stand out when you craft and achieve your unique self.

  1. Authenticity allows you to build genuine relationships.

All you can do is put yourself out there and feel secure in the fact that you will attract the right people and situations into your life

  1. Being authentic motivates you.

Motivation is the most important determining factor of satisfaction, success and longevity in any career. Your authentic self helps you drive motivation

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Be the REAL you despite some of your imperfections or weaknesses.

Always  let down your guard and do what feels natural. Say what you really feel. Remember: Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.

Much Love



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