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How familiar are you with Quarantine? A personal insight.


It’s been a year since we all have been striving through the so-called pandemic where most of us had a pause and play situation across us. Similarly, even I didn’t have my vacation as planned but I did travel for short trip by December 2020. On my way back from India to Qatar I did spend being self-isolated for almost 7 days in hotel quarantine. Until now it was just through people where I actually heard about being in Quarantine. Now, it’s likely a little different from most, although I’m sure no one’s situation right now can possibly be classified as “normal.

As day 4 was about to end, my fiancé Ajay came up with an idea of “Why don’t you share your experience by penning down your thoughts about being in quarantine”

So, without further ado, here’s what those days of life looks like for me right now:

It’s common and totally normal to feel low and stressed during a pandemic or outbreak. But I actually intent to over think about things what I am supposed to do later in 2021 but then I realized utilizing time with tiny things around would actually make a difference in me. Being alone actually gives you a lot of time for you to think but taking time to step away from the noise and focusing on yourself can help ease those feelings.

Waking up every day with breakfast being ready was actually exciting, and good part of hotel quarantine was that meals would be served before time. The glass window amidst the room was another ray of hope which made me happy because I always enjoy watching the clouds. Taking it easy through the day and night was more about building different routines around the space.

Going back through older photos, working on new writing projects, reading about some new recipes from different countries were some interesting approaches. One thing I’m really tried to do in quarantine was to have a regular sleep schedule, and I’ve been able to adhere to this really well so far, and I find the structure is really useful. It is obviously not easy to stay inside after but when it is so important to flatten the curve, where everyone is paying the effort and the whole world is benefiting from.

A life in quarantine style. Of course, every day is a little different, even when sometimes they all feel the same. Thanks to Ajay as he has influenced my life and through my quarantine days in such a positive way, words cannot express my appreciation.

A life in quarantine style.

Meghana Muralidharan


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