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Katara International Arabian Horse Festival


Katara International Arabian Horse Festival, organised by the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (QREC) and the Qatar Equestrian Federation (QEF), is based on supporting Qatar’s long-standing equestrian heritage with a view to promoting it worldwide. The Festival aims to promote the standing of the unique Purebred Arabian breed at the various local, regional and international stages by hosting the Qatar International Purebred Arabian Horse Show, which has been known for nearly 30 years as an annual international gathering of the elite Purebred Arabians. In addition, the Festival includes several other associated events.

The Festival is a significant event in encouraging Purebred Arabian horse owners in Qatar and motivating them to advance their breeding of these unique horses by commitment to their beauty and training and promoting an optimum environment for them in a manner, which distinguishes the Arabian horse from other breeds.The Show is subject to judging systems implemented in accordance with consistent standards and well-defined rules, which are globally recognised by ECAHO. Its judges possess high qualifications and expertise as they are very carefully selected through ECAHO to ensure the integrity of competition, maintaining the structure of the Show and promoting the Show.

The activities and events of the Festival are varied and they include:

    • An auction for horses of well-known pedigrees, especially as Qatar boasts a global pioneering standing in this respect.
    • Awareness and educational lectures on Purebred Arabian horses delivered bya group of specialists.
    • Exhibitions specialised in selling all horse equipment such as gears, saddles, items for horse hair and hoof and the like.
    • A large number of shops specialised in selling horse items and supplies at Katara Beach.
    • Several associated entertainment activities such as the special horse firework images.
    • Rider parades
    • Horse riding for both adults and children.
    • Stalls for hot and cold drinks, various foods and sweets

The Katara International Arabian Horse Festival is a wonderful experience and a distinctive mix between the past, the present and the future. It is an important step, enhancing the relation between the world of Purebred Arabian horses and the public, who look forward to discover all that is special, beautiful, varied and interesting; a tradition, which has always been there in Katara!


Start: February 4 @ 3:00 pm
End: February 6 @ 8:00 pm
Website: https://kiahf.qa/




Dafna Area
Doha, Qatar 
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