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Find Your Fighting Spirit When Life Gets Tough


“Tough times may eventually come to an end, but the fighting spirit remains forever.”

Last few years seemed to have passed by in a flash, yet I was left with an abundance of memories and a bittersweet feeling as I looked back at each of them. To say there were some tough times is an understatement. Simply put, it was exasperating.

No matter how positive we are, how healthily we live, or how much kindness, generosity, or fairness we practice, bad happens. To all of us. And suddenly, we find ourselves juggling more balls than it seems humanly possible to juggle.

We are all taught to bear great pain and live through the suffering until things get better. That’s a quality and a strength, for sure. It’s an acceptance of what’s happening to you. An inner, maybe quiet, determination to still want to live, despite it all. That’s one way of not giving up and making it through and then in there is in addition to that is Fighting spirit.

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It was a revelation to me that, instead of bearing what life throws at me, I can consciously choose not to let it beat me. That I can be a warrior, as well as a survivor!

Fighting is a way of standing up to your inner voice of discouragement and resignation: a decision to show up and do what you can even when it’s tough and you want to give up.

Developing a good, solid fighting mentality is what is going to keep you going, even when times get tough And I’m finding that…

Don’t get me wrong: Fight is not always called for when life gets tough. Sometimes we need to let ourselves be sad, down, or angry before we can find an appropriate response to what happened to us. Sometimes all we can do is indeed hang in there and survive as best we can and sometimes you are allowing things to happen as they will and going with the flow.

However, when something important is at stake, when you need to speak up for yourself (or someone or something that really matters to you). When you want to save a significant relationship, you’re on the verge of losing. When you’re facing a critical illness. Or when you need to stand up to the voices inside you that make you want to shrink away and disappear when it’s important to stay, and be seen or heard, you need to Fight back.

I’ve fought for living the creative and passionate life I am called to live. For my professional life to continue to evolve. For my writing to find a place in the world and many more are there.

When I need to keep going even though it’s tough. When I need to stand up for what really matters to me. I hope you’ll find them helpful too!

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You can do this

Make “You can do this” your everyday quote, repeating it to yourself, even aloud, when you feel discouraged. Strengthen yourself in every way possible—by exercising, meditating, or arming yourself with knowledge and support—to help you believe you really can handle whatever is coming.

Don’t let it beat you

We all have to face fear, pain, and harshness in life. it is true that hardship builds character. If you never have it tough and you never need to fight, you never learn how. You never build that fighting muscle

Brom Quote: “Don't let them win. Don't let them beat you. Don't let them  steal your magic.” (12 wallpapers) - Quotefancy

It’s okay to fall

When you fall, you learn to stand up again. Remind yourself of this when you’re down and feel like giving up. Then find your fight and stand up again. For if you stand up just one more time than you’ve fallen, you’ve made it through.

It's OK to fall apart – Blue Jay of Happiness

Don’t stop trying

You might not resolve a complex and challenging situation in one day. It may take several attempts to find your way through. Even if one attempt fails, it’s important to keep trying, but keep trying intelligently. Know that your ‘failed’ attempts are the steppingstones that will ultimately lead you to where you want to be.

Never Stop Trying!

Insist and persist

Insisting and persisting serves me well when life gets challenging for myself, too: I use it to understand what’s going on, find the help I need, and try different ways of responding to what’s happening. And I won’t stop until I am through.

Resist Insist Persist Poster by littlegoldpixel | Society6

My fighting spirit is a useful string to my bow of life skills, and I shall be forever grateful for the experiences that helped me discover and hone it!

Always remember,

“Sometimes, life will kick you around, but sooner or later, you realize you’re not just a survivor. You’re a warrior, and you’re stronger than anything life throws your way”.

Much Love



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