Before we dive into the topic let us understand about few concepts.

Barracuda Syndrome 

Barracuda is a deadly fish. In a Aquarium, a barracuda and a fish is put and has no partition so the barracuda could easily eat the prey that is the fish. Later on they placed a transparent glass wall and the barracuda could see through it but when it goes to eat the fish it was getting hit to the glass. After 4 to 5 times of trying, the barracuda gave up. Then the scientists removed the glass but the barracuda was still having the belief system and old perception that it cannot reach the other side and have the food.

In the same way, people after 2 to 3 failures they give up. They form conclusions, beliefs and make themselves low and it is not possible by me and whenever I try, I fail. So, Beliefs play a very important role.

Prosperity Consciousness V/s Poverty Consciousness

Prosperity consciousness – “Half Full” of water in a cup

Poverty consciousness – “Half Empty” of water in a cup

Example :- A Grand Master was travelling from mountain valley to a village. Then a village person asks him I am going to the mountain valley and how is it. The master instead of answering he asks him a question. How is your village and the person tells it is beautiful, very nice and the master replies it will be the same for you in the mountain valley also.

Now another village person interacts and asks the same question to the master and same reply follows. The villager tells many complaints, people are bad and the master replies it will be same for you in the mountain valley.

You carry your Mind, Negative baggage, Fear, Emotions, Lens of perception.

If you wear green lens, everything appears green.

If you wear red lens, everything appears red.

Prosperity glasses – Having Good, Positive outlook about people, world. When they meet any person they see what is good in the person and they have elevated thoughts.

Poverty glasses – Having Bad, Negative thoughts. When they meet people they are more Judgmental, Critical, Sadness, Loneliness, Limiting thoughts, Limiting beliefs, Limiting perceptions.

Prosperity consciousness attracts Prosperity and Poverty consciousness attracts Poverty.

10 Biggies or Reasons for Poverty consciousness

  1. Childhood Trauma and conditioning

  1. Past Life Frozen Memories and conditioning
  1. Religious and Spirituality conditioning
  • No religion or spirituality has written that money is bad or evil.
  • They have mentioned money should not be your primary focus or intent. Let the Spiritual realization (Self-realization that you are soul) be your primary focus or intent.
  • By having money, I will not grow is a wrong belief system or perception.
  1. Trans-Generation Beliefs and Generational Patterns

  • It runs in the family tree i.e; Hereditary pattern. Not only biological illness even the financial patterns are transmitted this is the belief system.
  • As per Modern Medical Science, Epigenetics, Dr. Bruslipton, When we change our thoughts and beliefs, we can change our family tree and history. You have to reframe your genetic coding, genetic material getting changed in Quantum space.
  1. Indoctrinated Beliefs and Experiential Beliefs

  • You are told money is bad and evil. Save for the rainy days. Money is not surplus. Money will spoil our relationships.
  • These are limiting beliefs and thoughts about money. You believe money is the problem. Money is not the problem, you are the problem. Our Mind and Thoughts are the problem.
  1. Self-Sabotaging Program or Patterns

  • We are programming our sub conscious mind
  • We create our own reality with our Thoughts, Beliefs, Perceptions, Attitude, Feelings, Emotional energies, Behavior, Words.
  • We sabotage with negative thoughts
  1. Lack of Self Worth

  • I am very Low, Inferior person, undervalue or underestimating ourselves, people are good and brighter than me.
  • We are operating from soul consciousness and how can one soul differ from other soul.
  • We all think we are a drop in the ocean. But the truth is the ocean is in the drop. In reality, we are the ocean itself and living in the drop.
  1. Attention placed on Lack and Poverty

  • More we place our attention on poverty, more we create it.
  1. Guilt and Self Punishment

  • Many a times we carry guilt from the past. We always regret about the past. Past is already gone.
  • Guilt never serves any purpose. What serves the purpose is Compassion. Guilt can be transformed into compassion and then you change the way we lead the life and have a good life.
  1. Fear Energy

  • Sadness, Depression, Fear, Emotions we always carry.
  • We have to be aware of our own inner being tapping into inner potential and then we become more innovative.
  • Even in the crisis we turnaround everything and create opportunities.

Finally, we can conclude the topic by saying that we have to transform ourself from Poverty consciousness to Prosperity consciousness.

Please also watch the video on Breath Energy Health Meditation for the procedure and benefits and will definitely be helpful for you.

YouTube Link on Science of Meditation – https://youtu.be/nSaZdmsPdLQ

Thanks a lot everyone for reading this article and Wishing you all a Happy, Blissful, Miraculous and Prosperous life.

Information credits – Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Quantum Life University (QLU)

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