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Ankita Kar – Life Story of An Artist through Her Arts


1) How would you like to introduce yourself?

I am Ankita Kar and would like to introduce myself as a Professional Artist in the field of Paintings and Drawings.
I am skilled in Drawings in various medium like Pencil, Water Colour, Oil, Acrylic etc., also I do silk and fabric painting, pot painting, candle making, mirror painting, aluminum embossing, metallic and ceramic painting, paper mesh, bread craft, collage work, craftwork, batik painting (a form of fabric painting), embroidery and various types of stitching. Apart from being an artist i love to cook & dance also. Art is something which has given me my own identity  so yes in one word i describe myself as an artist who loves to paint.

2) Tell me something about your family & how they have inspired you to achieve your dream.

I am from a family where art has always a place in every one mind. My Great grand father was Mr.KSHITINDRANATH MAJUMDAR was a renowned Artist in his time. So we were always involved with Arts closely from our childhood.
My family also is my biggest support to grow in the art field. My husband’s name is Anupam Kar and we have two daughters. Elder one Anisha is currently working on obtaining a master’s degree in Historic Preservation from an University in New York. My younger daughter Anusha is studying in an Indian School in Doha. I have encouraged both of them to immerse themselves in the avenues of art while they pursue their education; as I believe that art could help us lead a better, healthier life. It has the ability to help us direct our lives to be something better, something inspiring.
Before my marriage I used to learn dancing, painting but I got my biggest inspiration to do something in my life from my Husband.
Family support is utmost important to achieve anything in life. I am blessed to have a beautiful family who is always standing & supporting me to achieve my dreams & goals.

3) Tell me about your one strength & one weakness.

One of the biggest strengths in my life is my Will Power. If I have put my hands on something I am will see that I  achieve it & it is only possible due to my strong will power. On the other hand, definitely my family is my biggest weakness. I feel one should not forget their responsibility towards family while achieving the dreams.

4) Tell me something about your hobby or interest

  • Teaching
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Painting
  • Cooking

5) Tell me about your journey as an artist or painter.

When I landed in Qatar I always wanted to do something of my own but I was very confused what to do & how to start.? As I was having experience in painting so I started Fabric Painting,Pot Painting etc.  One day one of my friends asked me that why don’t you do an Exhibition or demonstration of your painting so that people will get to know about your skill. After thinking for a couple of days I talked to one of my very good friend Anita Basu that I wanted to do an exhibition of my painting work at a public forum but i don’t know how to do it?? Then with the help of my Friend Anita & Benedict I demonstrated my first Exhibition Ever in Qatar in IWA(Indian Women’s Association) & put forward my first stepping stone as an artist in Qatar.
I Was thrilled & excited both at the same time as my works got published in Newspaper & I got a call from school to join as a Drawing Teacher. So you can say that was the “wow” moment of my life & my journey as an artist started.
After Working 4-5 years in school as a teacher I finally decided to quit it & to start my own workshop classes at home for ladies & children so that i will be able to manage my home as well as my passion both at the same time.

6) What kind of paintings do you like to do ?

I like to do all kind of artwork such as Texture Painting, Glass Painting, Fabric Painting,Oil Painting, Tanjore Painting etc. In short you can say i love to learn all new kind of artworks whenever i am getting the opportunity.

7) What has inspired you to become an artist and painter?

I Would say being a Perfectionist & die hard love for the colors have always inspired me to become an artist & painter. I feel may be my great grandfather life also encouraged me to go for art.

8) What are the top three things on your bucket list?

I am blessed & thankful to god for everything he has provided to me. As such I don’t have a bucket list but yes I pray to the almighty that my daughters should achieve more & more success in their life without any obstacles & my husband should have good health always. That is more than a bucket list for me.

9) Few words about Qatar and how this place has helped you in fulfilling your dream.

India is my home Country but definitely Qatar is my second home. This country has given me everything as an artist in terms of peace of mind,Safety,Financial Security, Freedom of mind,Supporting Arts & Culture, Respecting Artist skills etc. I can proudly say that Qatar is my second motherland without any doubt.

10) How would you like to help the society or community in Qatar through your artistic skills?

There are a lot of ladies in the society or community who are alone, depressed, facing mental sickness & they are unable to come out from it. Art is one of those activities which gives you Inner Happiness,mental peace & satisfaction. It has amazing healing powers which can help anyone to deal with mental pressure or stress. So I would like to reach those ladies & help them out with my art workshop.

11) What message do you want to give to our viewers?

The only message I want to give to everyone specially ladies that try to be creative & don’t sit idle. TRY to involve yourself in any kind of creative work like cooking,dancing,painting etc. which will not only give you Inner happiness but also mental peace. Try to take out sometime out of your schedule to nourish yourself towards positivity. So my message to everyone is that to lead a beautiful & peaceful life you should always keep yourself busy in doing some creative or productive work.

Ankita Kar

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