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Garlic Shorba by Chef Pradeep Kumar


Garlic is such a unique ingredient & holds its spot in almost all cuisine around the world. From Asia to Europe you can see a huge influence of garlic being an integral part of the food. Due to its strong & sweet nature, it can really elevate the dish, but how about using in abundance….?

Here is a recipe showcasing the beauty of garlic in generous amount… my adaptation of garlic soup or Shorba.

Ingredients Required:

Garlic cloves- 80gm

White onion- 50gm

White pepper powder- 5gm

Cumin Powder- 10gm

Egg yolk- 3 nos.

Cooking cream – 100 ml

Salt – To taste

Butter or Olive oil or sun flower oil- 20ml

Vegetable stock/ chicken stock or water – 500 ml


  1. Prepare all the ingredients like peeling garlic, onions & roughly slicing them.
  2. Take a soup pan or heavy bottom pan, add oil or butter, drop in the garlic & onions on a slow heat.
  3. Sauté those for couple of minutes without coloring or getting it brown.
  4. Add salt & white pepper, keep stirring on low flame.
  5. Add choice of the stock you want to use as per taste. It tastes great with chicken stock as my personal favorite.
  6. Bring it boil, add cooking cream & simmer for about 8 minutes.
  7. Using a blender mix all together. Now here is the tricky part about adding egg yolk.
  8. Dilute the eggs with little water-cream & quickly whisk in the soup before serving. Do not reheat again as it might coagulate the eggs.
  9. Enjoy with friends & family with any choice of bread like toast or croutons too.

The Above Recipe is Shared by Sous Chef Pradeep Kumar

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