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Be kind, even when others are not, choose to be kind


You just never know what someone is dealing with behind closed doors. No matter how happy someone looks, how loud their laugh is, how big their smile is, there can still be a level of hurt that is intense”.

I am forever amazed at the capacity of those who live difficult lives to treat others with kindness and compassion. Everyone is doing the best they can.

Whether you live with someone or work with someone, you’ll probably think you know them quite well, but there is a massive chance you probably won’t. Currently, people try and keep to themselves, bottling up emotions and problems, which can often lead to mental illness, or living in fear, or just having a lack of motivation to do anything. Therefore, I’m asking everyone to be kind and thoughtful, even if you’re having a rough day. Why? Well, I’ve always grown up with the thought that when I’m having a bad day, there is someone always out there that has it worse than me, so why should I take my anger out on some else, when it’s not their fault or potentially when their day may have been a lot worse than mine.

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  • Being kind, leads to many good things like better relationships, improved self-esteem, compassion, happiness, future success, and good mental and physical health.
  • Being kind and thoughtful isn’t hard; it’s one of the easier things in the world. If you are being kind to someone, you are most likely causing them to smile and if you see that smile for yourself, it might be catchy.
  • Being kind to others might be able to you cope and overcome stressful situations; being kind (helpful, indulgent, considerate, or humane) to others reduces the stress and anxiety factor by far. This is because it allows you to pay less attention to yourself and your problems. The moment you focus on doing good to others, enables you to get a break from your own problems.
  • Being nice to others can be one of the easiest and quickest, most inexpensive ways to keep anxiety at bay. It calms the mood and takes the focus off yourself.
  • Doing a kind act to make a close family, a friend, or a stranger who is sad feel better can also make us feel good, because we feel the same relief they do and because we are putting something right.
  • Being kind to someone might just open a door to a new friendship or develop a social connection with someone. The effect a kind act might have may change that person’s file for the better.
  • Acts of kindness help us to demonstrate a positive identity and make us feel proud of ourselves
  • Someone might remember that you helped them out last time and therefore will be more likely to help you when you need it most. It could also be that one person being kind causes a ripple effect and makes others in the group kinder, which lifts everyone’s spirits

Be kind…and all that sh1t! – ProseccoPoweredMum

It is humbling to think that I have so much to give, when the truth is I have so much more to learn.

Making a difference often takes time, focus on the act of giving, rather than the results of your actions. Detach from outcome, and you’ll be free to make a difference in ways you never imagined.

Remember the quote, “You never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Always.”. A simple act of kindness from you could just change someone’s life.

Project Kindness :: Homelessness in America

Make a difference! Give to receive! Reap what you sow!

No matter what situation you find yourself in, come from a place of kindness and you will always treat others in the way they’re meant to be treated.

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