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Must Try Arabic Drinks during Summer


It’s all about the fresh fruit juices, smoothies, and milkshakes to keep you cool and energized. Middle Easterners are considered experts at living in the heat, and trust them when they say they know the best recipes for summer drinks that will blow your taste buds away.

These Arab summer inspired drinks are usually made with fresh fruits and vegetables that are picked right out of their backyard. They aren’t only delicious, but also very healthy. Although you can get these drinks at a cafe or restaurant, still,  no one can beat the homemade drinks; they are the best. Try them out in your own kitchen!

1. Limon ou (and) nana (mint) — Limonana

Limon w nana is the Arabic version of the delicious frozen mint lemonade drink. This is a quick and easy mix to make with lemon juice, mint leaves, sugar, ice and water. It’s the most traditional and  most popular slushy drink at any cafe, particularly, in countries such as the Gulf, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon.

Limonana - Frozen Mint Lemonade

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2.Amar Al Din

Amar Al Din, also known as the apricot juice, has a rich flavor of just apricots. It is made with two ingredients, which are the apricot sheets and boiling hot water poured on it.  I might take  around 4-5 hours to soak. It’s truly a unique and  mouth watering drink that you just can’t say no to.

Qamar al deen, dry apricot drink from the middle east | Mildly Indian

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3.Tamar Hindi

Tamar Hindi is a delightful drink usually served at Iftar for Muslims during Ramadan. Many Muslims use this drink as a way to break their fast rather than eating dates. Why is that? Well, Tamar Hindi also known as Indian dates is actually made up of the tamarind fruit. It is a worldwide drink; however, most Arabs drink this to cool off during hot summer days. This spectacular drink is exactly what you need this season.


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Something creamy, cool, and incredibly chill is the famous Laban drink. It is more common in the Khaleej/Gulf countries and Egypt; however, all people around the Middle East love it. It’s essentially made up of yoghurt (either cow or sheep) with water and a few other ingredients to fill all your senses. It can also be a drink to eat with garlic and cucumbers, cookies, and/or dates, depending on your preference.

116. Laban - Diet Delights


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5.Carob Juice

Carob is known to be extremely healthy and is actually caffeine free and fat free. This is also called kharoub in Arabic, where the molasses is used to make the drink in addition to sugar and water. It’s a cool drink that you would fall in love with.

Recipes - Carob Juice - SlowMed

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Jallab is a more Syrian and lebanese drink that combines the tastes of both sweet and sour together. It is made up of date syrup, rose water, water and ice. How easy! Some people like to add pine nuts to it, while others like to keep it simple. Others also choose to replace the date syrup with grape syrup,  but it all really depends what appeals to you at the moment.

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Rumman is the Arabic word for the pomegranate fruit. It is a tangy drink that is popular around Palestine and Lebanon. The fruit is sweet but it has it’s health benefits such as antioxidant drink which improves one’s vision. Rumman and water is all you need to taste this cool summer drink.

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