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Horror House Qatar

Are you brave enough to make it till the end? If you want the thrill of fear, yet offers fun, excitement and a unique experience, this is the place to go!
How long can you hold your breath? This place will keep your adrenaline pumping and is sure to give you some great scares. Good for a scary night out with friends!
Cracow Horror House : SMALL GROUP /inc. Pick-up/ 2021 - Krakow
Have you tried a Real Life Horror House?! You know that moment when you enter a horror house and think, “I’m not going to get scared”? We all say it, but you’d be surprised how terrified you’d be…

The experience will run for 30 minutes – if you can handle it for that long, of course.

Horror House Qatar is the latest attraction from Adventure Rooms, which also runs a number of escape rooms and offers dine in the dark experiences.

The new horror house experience is priced according to how many people are taking part, and will set you back QR200 per person if there are between two and three of you, or QR150 per person if there are four to six people.

From QR150 (per person). Daily 8.30am-10pm. Building 51, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, adventureroomsqa.com (7050 0139).

Try a truly realistic and terrifying experience! Book Your Horror Experience Now!

Website http://adventureroomsqa.com/


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