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Don’t fight for acknowledgement when someone undervalues you


You’ve likely heard the saying: “know your worth, then add tax.”  It’s one of my favorite quotes. I think knowing your self-worth, and standing up for what you deserve, is so underrated. Especially in women. I am the furthest thing from a feminist, but I wholeheartedly think that women doubt their worth far too often. Whether that be in relationships, or in careers, no one is ever going to value you more than you value yourself.

Know your worth- then add tax." - Positivity Sparkles

I firmly believe that a deep sense of self-worth is the foundation each person needs to fully thrive in his/her work, relationships, and other life endeavors. We are worthy that we’re able to accomplish and enjoy such wonderful things. And when we believe we’re worthy, we bring more of our light into the world. We tend to attract similar light too.

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. I’m a people person, and I let that determine my worth for the longest time. Many a times I always felt like I had to prove myself as worthy of everyone for everything. I did things that made others happier than it made me. I did this so often that I lost track of what I valued.

I decided that what made me happy mattered more than pleasing others. I’m still a work in progress, but I now try to measure my self-worth based on my own sense of self rather than how other people perceive me.

Instead of chasing things that temporarily boost your self-esteem, measure your self-worth by who you are at your core.

So, how exactly does one develop a deep sense of self-worth?

The following list is certainly not a formula, but it just might get you thinking about how you can get in touch with your own worthiness.


  • Practice self-love by caring, comforting, and soothing yourself


  • Be willing to believe you are worth


  • Commit to the journey

How to cultivate a sense of unconditional self-worth |

Most of all, if being vulnerable with someone makes you feel horrible in your own skin because they clearly hold different values, then walk away.  You simply try to acknowledge the difference in character and move forward on your own path.

I am by no means perfect—none of us are—but I promise myself that I will always get back to people in a timely manner because I know what it’s like to feel disregarded and unimportant.

I am deeply in tune to other people’s pain, which at times can make me feel unbelievably heavy but somehow creates a profound desire in me to reach out with as much love as possible.

I also really appreciate people who do respond to messages, phone calls and emails. These people remind me of who I want to be and remind me that I get to choose who I align myself with in my personal and professional life.

👠Chantal Heutink on Twitter: ""Anything is possible once you believe you  are worthy of receiving and achieving it" #igniteyourredpower… "

Always keep seeking out your people, your friends who would never ignore or purposely disrespect you, because those people will reinforce to you that you deserve attention and acknowledgement, whether everyone values you or not.

Your worth is entirely up to you. You are worthy because you say you’re worthy and because you believe it. Look within, and trust that you are Enough.

Much Love



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