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Challenge 22 Startups-Tactile Palm Communicator


One winning solution was the Feelix Palm, a device that communicates to blind and visually impaired people, using electrical impulses to transmit a braille-like message directly onto the individual’s palm. The Feelix Palm team wanted to give visually impaired people something extra from the tournament experience, without restricting their hearing or physical movement.

This has now evolved to also work with virtual reality (VR) technology. Development is under way on a range of wearable technology that can connect to smartphones, VR headsets and other hardware.

The Feelix palm communicates electro-tactile patterned information to the palm of the hand. It enables users to get further immersed in their environment by receiving haptic feedback on the palms of their hands. Whether this is in the Virtual Reality world or the real one, the Feelix Palm provides great solutions for realtime haptic feedback haptic.

How it works

The Feelix palm uses a 3 X 3 electro-tactile pad grid on a flexible material that is tightly fitted on the palm of the hand. They create localised sensations on each point that they touch, the feelix palm triggers them generate rapid patters communicating a multitude of information about their surrounding environment.


Ergonomic flexible design and fitting. Features 9 localised electro-tactile pads for fast communication and dynamic pattern generation in the palm.

Project status

This project is at a test stage mostly, while the electro-tactile technology is available integrating it into the palm application is still on its way.

aaConcept Finalisation- 3

Concept Finalisation- 4

Concept Finalisation- 5



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