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Tutors & Students -Free Online Tuition Site in Qatar by Priyanka Bansal

This is a free website, where people can find local tutors to help them with tutoring, coaching, for almost all school subjects. This website has been designed to help students by high school students who are A graders in the subjects they will be teaching and are capable to assist the students free of charge. These high schoolers support the students in their free time as part of their community services to society. All tutors are within the age of 20 years.


The goal is to offer services and courses that promote student success in a collaborative and inclusive environment. Peer-to-peer interactions, supported by the site and our initiative, center on the growth and development of the learner and the peer educator. They increase the knowledge and academic independence of all students. The ultimate goal of the website is to empower students as they develop resiliency and successful habits in their fields of study and beyond.
Through learning experiences offered on the website, students are expected to participate in not only their own academic success but also the success of their fellow classmates.
Students are encouraged to engage in conversations that will deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. This provides a space where learning dialogue can take place and minds work together to achieve academic success and assert academic integrity.
This website aims at providing free online classes to students of all grades till 12. The beauty of the website is that the tutors are also students of high school , who are willing to support the community. .


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