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An Inspiring & Motivating Life-Story of Women Entrepreneur – Rahatt Mansoor Ali


1 How Would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Rahatt Mansoor Ali & I am from Pakistan. I am mother of 3 kids. I have done my MBA from Karachi then I moved to Qatar. I started my working career with Qatar Airways as HR then I moved to united bank, mashreq bank & finally started my own event company after resigning from the mashreq bank.

2 How would you describe yourself in 5 Words.

Rahat means Peace & Love. I describe myself as Optimistic, Peaceful, Fitness Freak, deterministic & who believes everything happens for a reason.

3 Tell me something about your family & how they have supported you achieving your dreams.

I have a Little & beautiful family consisting of Me, My husband & my 3 kids (2 Daughter & 1 son). I would say my family specially my husband is the biggest motivating factor for me in achieving my dreams. My kids have always stood with me & keep motivating me to push myself further in achieving my dreams & goals. My kids always help me out in organizing my events by completing small tasks relating to event. I would say whatever I am today it is only because of support & blessing from my family & parents.

4 Tell me about your best childhood memory.

I would say I have many beautiful childhood memories but I would like to share one memory which is really memorable for me. We are 3 sisters & we look alike. So when one of us got the driving license we use to drive the car using the same driving license without being caught by the police as we look same.

The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.

5 One of the biggest achievement of your life.

I am truly grateful to the god for all my achievements & each and everything I have done in my life.

1) Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Doha was one the biggest achievement of my life– It is First & Biggest Fashion Show in Middle East where most renowned fashion designers around the globe takes participation.

2) Pakistan Fashion week Doha (Pioneer in organizing)

3) Bollywood Fashion show For Qatar tourism Council (Honored to be the first organizer who has organized first Bollywood show in Qatar)

4) I am awarded by Fashion TV, this award has been given to only few people in the world, I am blessed to be one of them.

Still I would say that I have miles to go before I sleep. This is just the beginning.

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

6 Tell me about your hobbies.

I love singing, dancing, cooking. I am a certified yoga instructor.

7 Tell me about your journey as a founding member of Pakistan Women Association Qatar (PWA).

Pakistan Women Association Qatar (PWA) started way back in the year 2010.One day when I went to Qatar charity they told me that there are more than 200 orphans in Pakistan & we are looking for sponsors to help those children. So I thought of forming a group of ladies in Qatar under the name Pakistani Women Association (PWA) where they can meet & socialize with new people & can help those children with donations. So in this way Pakistan Women Association Qatar (PWA) was created & whole of the community came forward to help those children. This association is not only limited to Pakistani Members but opened to all the nationalities. The whole idea behind of creating of Pakistan Women Association Qatar (PWA) was to give ladies a platform to communicate, socialize & make friends in a new country.

8 Can you show some light as you are Director at Talent Resources LLC & Creative Director at Mercedes-Benz-Fashion Week Doha?

Talent Resources LLC is a company founded in 2007 & it involves brand management, Outsourcing, Celebrity Management, Marketing, Events management whereas Mercedes-Benz-Fashion Week Doha is all about Fashion show designed exclusively for Mercedes-Benz.

9 What has inspired you to become an influencer & why fashion & lifestyle only?

I would say I became influencer with support from people. When I started posting pictures about fashion & lifestyle in Instagram people liked it & wanted to see more of it from my side which resulted into an influencer in me. I love to follow fashion trends; lifestyle is passion for me so I want to give more information on this particular area to the viewers so I choose to be an influencer for fashion & lifestyle.

10 How do you want to help the society?

I want to help the society by giving better life, education & family to orphan kids around the globe.

  1. How do you manage work life balance?

Discipline & Time Management is the two most important factor to manage work life balance in anyone life. A collective effort from family as well as committed Discipline from within is needed to manage to balance which I follow in my life.

12 A Few word about Qatar & how this country have helped you in achieving your dreams.

Qatar is definitely a second home for me now. Whatever I have become & achieved today this country definitely plays a big role in it. I was awarded by ministry of interior for my services. So yes definitely this country has fulfilled all my dreams & goals & I would love to call my second home after Pakistan. I will would QATAR is one of the safest & Peaceful country in the world. The medical benefits are at par excellence in compare to rest of the world.

13 What message you want to give to our viewers?

The only message I want to give you all that whatever religion you are following just spread LOVE & POSITIVITY. Keep doing good work & Keep spreading happiness.

14 A few lines about Essence of Qatar as well as People of Qatar Series.

People of Qatar Series is a good initiative by essence of Qatar where you all are highlighting those talents who are not in the limelight. Keep doing good work my blessings are with you.

Rahatt Mansoor Ali





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