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An Inspiring Story of Pilot Cum Sports Nutritionist-Kabir Grover


(1) How would you like to introduce yourself?

I am Kabir Grover, an advanced sports nutritionist and a licensed commercial pilot. I run health by kilo on Instagram and YouTube which is all about health and fitness. In Aviation Phonetics, A is for alpha B is for Bravo C is for Charlie & D is for Delta so in similar way K is for kilo, and K is for Kabir. So in this way Health by Kabir means Health by Kilo Name came up.

(2)Tell me something about your family and how they have supported you in achieving your dream.

I have a very small & beautiful family consisting of Mom, Dad, younger sister & my two little babies (My Dog).

So in the beginning, it was a bit hard to convince my family with everything what I was doing because it is really very tough to sustain in fitness industry in India. As market is very huge & competitive & you have to be one of the elite or known face to sustain in such industry. So it was a bit hard to convince them. But once they saw how passionate and how well I am growing on in this platform they have been the biggest support of my life & they have helped me grow the most. So yes definitely my family is really the biggest supporter & strongest pillar in my success journey.

(3)Tell me about your best your memorable childhood memory.

The best childhood memories for me was my school days. I was a big foodie person who used to eat a lot. So every break we had even in between classes we used to run to the canteen to get some food and eat while the class going on. And I still missed that a lot because those times are best days of my life & it will never come back.

(4)What has been the most terrifying moment of your life?

There are many incidents but this one is going to stay in my mind forever when I was in Miami I was training for my flying & after one month into training I got my student pilot license not the actual flying license. So before you get your actual license, you have to know how to fly solo flights alone. So I took a friend with me having Actual pilot license to try out flying, when it was time to come back it was really dark and both of us did not have an instrument license. If you’ve heard of an instrument license it’s when you can fly looking just inside the cockpit you don’t have to look up because you cannot see anything outside you don’t know if the ground is upside down or above you as you cannot even feel anything. So we didn’t have an instrument license and we were flying back to our airport and we had spatial disorientation, this orientation is when you don’t know if the plane is straight or tilted. So what happens at that time our flight almost went into a spiral downwards but luckily my friend knows how to play flight stimulator which helped him to saw the instruments & put the plane correctly & we landed after an hour with low fuel on the ground safely.

(5)When you look into the past what do you miss the most?

The carefree time where you really don’t care about anything just enjoying & living the moment yourself.

(6)Tell me about your hobbies.

I like Working out, Reading Books, Trying new recipes & calling out all the fake influencers in the Instagram.

(7)Your three bucket list dreams.

My first bucket list is to open an NGO for animals in India.

My Second bucket list is have my own business with my brand.

Last one a road trip in Spain.

(8)Tell Me about your Journey as Health by Kilo.

First of all it was called Gym Review by Kilo. So what I used to do was to go to different gyms in India, and review them by taking pictures and putting up in social media. In this way my social media journey started when people started texting me to visit their gym & review them. But then I started seeing that people want information on Nutrition, Training and Health. And that’s how my journey of HEALTH by KILO begins from being gym reviewer to giving people fitness tips by calling out fake influencers in social media. I want to continue doing that and hoping that my content reaches more people.

(9)What has inspired you to become a pilot and to start a health blog?

My dad and my friends (who ditched me last moment) were the biggest inspiration for me to become a pilot. The sky is not the limit for me so that’s one more reason I went for the aviation. I always wanted to clear all the misinformation and give out good quality research based information to public so that’s the reason I started HEALTH by KILO.

(10)Can you describe your life in a six word sentence?

WHAT I FOCUS ON, I MANIFEST. When you think of something, when you manifest something, you literally put your gravitational force into it, and you pull it towards you. So when you start putting your focus onto one thing, you actually manifest it & you make it happen.

(11)When you have a random hour of free time, what do you do?

I generally play & talk with my dogs as well as think of making new videos by doing research through research gate website.

(12)When you meet someone for the very first time, what do you want them to think about you?

I honestly don’t want them to think anything about me .Just meet me to know me much better.

(13)How do you want to help the society?

I just want to give out good information and change the way Indian health and fitness industry works. And basically just educate everyone.

(14)A few words about Qatar and how this place have help you fulfilling your dreams.

So I have been in Qatar since 2007. And basically live my whole life here. So Qatar has given me wonderful friends, wonderful opportunities, and a safe Environment. Being here also what got me is you guys and RJ Simran and I am very thankful for that.

(15)What message do you want to give to our viewers?

I want to say is just breathe. If you are going through something, this too shall pass. So take your time, breathe and live in the moment.

(16)A Few lines about Essence of Qatar website and as well as the People of Qatar Series.

I would like to thank you first of all, both of you so much for this opportunity. I never thought that I am going to be on one of the biggest blogs in Qatar. It’s a wonderful blog with so much of information & I would like to thank you so much once again for this opportunity and just be safe.

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