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Amora Cafe-The Pink Side of Life

The first café is said to have opened in 1550 in Constantinople ,during the 17th century. The cafe culture took off ever since then and is also quiet significant in the Arab world.
Coffee is a symbol of hospitality and Tradition.
The cafe  concept has come a long way.Coffees in the cafes now have  been glamorous than just being plain,black and frothy.
New cafes in Doha ? What is the First thing we do ?
We look it up on Instagram to see if the food looks good  and the place is Instagram friendly ,for all  our stories and feeds to load our page.
Amora Cafe at The Tawar mall is one such place where I was recently invited and it came across as tastefully picturesque .
It can be your ideal option for those delightful meetings or small girly meetups .
The Invitation was worth a visit for I like pink  and Rose walls  interiors got me my Juliet feel .
The great cafe menu designed with the theme is an additional attraction.
Food is worth an applause!!
Must try their signature Drinks and beverages
Coffee is awesomely well brewed.
Never thought the Pink lasagne would be so wholesome and cheesy.
Ricotta cheese cake made me drool!
Special mentions for the Moroccan Chef Elmahjob Ait Elamin who has thirteen years experience as pastry chef and his food expertise is unmatchable.
Indeed a chef who can actually put the pink magic into his food and  make it taste so good.
Highly recommend this place for all your Instagram reels and feed this can really flood your page  with hundreds of Likes 👍
Hidden gem would be its Food ,price point and location.
Almora cafe at The Tawar Mall will offer a Great cafe experience and stunning Instagram visuals with pink good food  .

Contact Us 

Amora cafe- Tawar Mall 1st Floor
Phone +97466556011,+97455544190

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