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A Place Tennis Lovers can call Home

Looking to learn how to play tennis? Want to brush up on that forehand? Or are you training for an upcoming tennis competition? Maybe it’s just for fun?


Through your membership, you can get access to a network of courts to book and enjoy with your friends. We’re onboarding facilities all the time to provide you with the best locations!


You want to meet people through tennis? group classes are the way to go. We developed classes for different levels, so you can learn, enjoy and improve with others.


Taking things seriously with tennis is important, and if you’re trying to compete, you need time on the court. Through private classes you get in-depth analysis to improve your game.


Tennis Lessons at Palm Courts Racquet Club

PCRC Kids Program

All of us want our kids to be happy. For a parent, it is usually a top priority.  But did you know that happiness isn’t just luck? It’s a skill that can be learned, nurtured and developed in various environments. At PCRC, we make sure that your child can find joy through sports, through tennis – playing, learning and making friends.

Get them started! 

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