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Crying is not sign of weakness


“We need never be ashamed of our tears”.

We have all cried, all of us, some more than others.
I am not here to divide us by the liters of tears we have shed. We all feel sad, stressed, overwhelmed, scared, and frustrated at times.
We all know that tears and crying happen when we get upset. However, there is more to crying, and it’s all good. We are all the same.
Over the years, people have had varying opinions about crying and often think that it was only for weak individuals. We started hiding the way we feel out of fear. We believe it will make us vulnerable, and we will get hurt if we open up, and others will take advantage of us.
However, the truth is that we all need a good cry from time to time, and it is absolutely normal. I want to let you know that it is not shameful to be in tears. That you are not a failure just because you couldn’t handle the situation.

Crying can be a sense of real strength. Here are some of reasons why:

• Help Release Pain and Grief
When a person cries, that person releases the pain and negative energy that’s inside of the body. It helps the individual to move past the situation.

• Release and Remove Stress
Can be an excellent stress reliever. When a person cries, they release stress hormones that can almost instantly make them feel better. People say that they felt much better after they had a “good cry”.

• Help Process Grief
It’s natural for a person to be upset after losing a loved one, ending a relationship or experiencing some type of different emotional pain. No one should ever have to hold back tears because this would halt their healing process and may even be harmful.

• Help Us Know How We Feel
It lifts people’s spirits and make them feel better. As well as relieving pain, oxytocin and endorphins can help improve mood. This is why they are often known as “feel good” chemicals.

• Improves vision
Crying helps to kill bacteria and keep the eyes clean and improves vision. So overall they are beneficial health wise. It’s good to shed a few tears now and then.

What I have learnt is it is critical to be able to face your emotions, as it is a sign of emotional intelligence, or the ability of a person to aware of their feelings and openly express them.
You will never benefit from bottling up your emotions instead of facing them head-on. If you keep pretending everything is fine all the time, you need an emotional release. There is nothing bad in crying, it is a great way to release all the buildup tension and stress, to address your problems, and to finally move on.
The next time you get ready to cry, don’t be afraid to do so.

Much Love


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