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Discover the Whale Sharks of Qatar – Once in a lifetime experience


The only way to get up and close to these majestic creatures in Qatar, home to one of the largest Whale Shark congregations on Earth. A natural global phenomenon not to be missed.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is brought to you exclusively by Discover Qatar. Experience it all by adventurous Daily Explorer, or luxury Private Charter.

Limited spaces. Book now for tours departing until 31st July 2022

About the Whale Sharks of Qatar

Qatar is home to one of the largest congregations of Whale Sharks on the planet. Until now, the area that hosts the Whale Sharks has been closed to the public, so there are still very few people who have seen them. Each year there are hundreds of Whale Sharks that congregate in the Al Shaheen region off the north east coast of Qatar in the months from April to September. While these magnificent creatures are the biggest fish in the ocean, they are also one of the most gentle and majestic creatures that you will find underwater.

The reason the Al-Shaheen region attracts so many Whale Shark is because of its unique ecosystem. The average seawater temperature in the gulf averages between 32-34 degrees during the summer months, however the seawater around Al Shaheen is a much cooler 27 degrees-perfect for fish to breed and it is the abundance of fish eggs, the Whale Sharks number one source of food, which attracts them. Did you know: The Whale Shark Research project in Qatar have recorded more than 600 Whale Shark in their database which is a world record.


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