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Should you consider buying a property in Qatar?


 According to real estate agents in Qatar, it is the best time to invest in new housing projects in Qatar and Doha since the market has been opened up for all. Qatari people can benefit a lot from this shift in the real estate market trend. The phases of development are advancing into new projects as well as into newly developing areas in Doha and Qatar. 

Moreover, if you have plans on investing in the real estate market, then this is an opportunity that you should not miss! It is the best time to consider investing in properties for sale in Qatar for both commercial and residential purposes. 


Qatar is also trying very hard to boost its travel and tourism industry so that its economy gets diversified. So, now is the perfect time for the country to take up new projects and ventures and be the host to a luxurious and prestigious global destination. 


To put it simply, there are many pros to investing in the real estate sector of Qatar and Doha. Let’s take a look:

What is the scope of investment in the real estate sector of Qatar and Doha?

Owing to its highly predictable cash flow, the real estate business gets to be at the top of the investment business sector. It is not only profitable but also a great way to produce all kinds of assets that will generate income from various sources.  Again, the value of real estate only increases with time. So even if you want to rent it out after investing, rental income is also increasing with each passing year and hence contributing to the flow of money. 

Additionally, there are many advantages of passive income, along with tax advantages and has a greater impact. So the more you create your investments, the higher power you have to invest in more real estate. This is a great way to boost your capital growth as well. Hence, real estate provides hugely favourable leverage by providing high returns. 

It is secure, lasts for a long time and hence, no wonder it is a favourite of many successful investors. 


Who will be able to possess real estate in Qatar?

All Qatari nationals enjoy the right to buy and own properties in any area in Qatar. They can buy all types of properties. When it comes to the non-Qatari population, there are two types of properties that they can hold-

  • Freehold properties 
  • Leasehold properties 

What are Freehold properties? 

Freehold properties are properties that can be owned by foreigners which include both a building and a piece of land. However, they can only purchase properties from areas which come under the freehold zone. This encompasses specific areas of Qatar.

What are Leasehold properties?

When a foreigner can get a contract of leasehold property for either commercial or residential purposes, they can hold on to the lease for 99 years. 

What kind of benefits do foreigners get from the ownership of properties?

People owning freehold property in Qatar have the benefit of gaining residency status in Qatar, and it is also extendable to family members as long as they are in possession of the purchased property. 

Opportunities of Investment in Commercial and Residential Properties

Investors can take up investment opportunities and pool their resources and invest in both real estate business and commercial and residential properties. Profits can be earned from the rental income of the purchased properties along with the amount earned from the transaction of properties. 


Investment types for residential properties that yield rental income

Investors can purchase residential buildings or even apartments with the objective of renting them out. Various kinds of residential buildings include:

  • Luxury apartments
  • Studio apartments
  • Luxury villas
  • Compound villas
  • Townhouses 
  • Penthouses 


Investing in commercial properties and earning ROI

One can invest in different types of commercial buildings and upcoming projects, such as:

  • Office buildings and spaces
  • Commercial buildings
  • Labour camps
  • Commercial land
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Shops 
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Medical centres
  • Malls


Temporary and permanent residency for property owners

The Government of Qatar offers excellent long-term and short-term returns if you are investing in the real estate market in Qatar and Doha. However, investors need sponsorship from the country’s business, who is a Qatari resident in order to invest in the real estate market. As per the new rules and regulations, there are many people who are interested in grabbing this opportunity.

To conclude:

The real estate market in Qatar and Doha is full of excellent investment opportunities for those who are looking to build assets and get ROI from the investment process.


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