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Aslom Ullah – The Rockstar Who Founded Qatari Music Vibes


The music created by Qatari Music Vibes was played all over Lusail Boulevard during the 2022 FIFA World Cup as well as at coffee festivals, boasts over 10 million views on Youtube, and its creator Aslom Ullah was recently awarded the Silver Play Button by Youtube for reaching over 100k subscribers. We asked Aslom to tell us about his journey, and how he went from creating music about Qatar, to launching the first mobile game to feature Qatar, as well as a line of merchandise.

How would you like to Introduce yourself?

I would introduce myself by saying that I am an entrepreneur, or at least that is what I aspire to be. By day, I am an English teacher, but after the bell rings for the final period of the day, I work on creating new songs about Qatar, or new designs for the line of hoodies I am making, or I’m on a Discord call with my video editor in Turkey, a Zoom call with my programmer in Romania on the new mobile game, or I’m out filming a new music video with my videographer here in Qatar. Each of these takes time, careful planning, and most importantly, liaising with another individual. For me, that is one of the keys to success: knowing that individually we are strong, but are infinitely stronger when we are working with others towards a shared goal. Qatari Music Vibes started just with me, but now I have a small team of freelancers around the world that help me bring my dreams to life.


Tell Me Something About Your Family & How they have Supported you in achieving your Dream?

I’m originally from London. I have 4 brothers, and in their own ways, they supported me by giving me ideas. I usually visit London in winter and in summer, and during those meetings with my brothers, we usually share stories and experiences and these impact on my songs. More so than my brothers though, I owe a lot to my Qatari friends here. The fast cars, speedboats, jet-skis, coffee-nights and the numerous restaurants we have visited have all influenced my songs in different ways. I like to have codes in my songs, so that lines within the songs relate to different experiences with my friends. To everyone else, the line is just a lyric in the song, but to a specific individual, that line relates to an experience we had. It could be a line relating to sitting in the back of a GMC, or a diamond Cartier necklace. Many of my lyrics owe their existence to a friend here, and a shared experience with that friend.

Tell Me About Your Best/Memorable Childhood Memory. 

One of my earliest childhood memories involves watching Top Of The Pops on television in London. Top of the Pops was the British answer to MTV. I remember watching The Backstreet Boys perform As Long As You Love Me live and remember thinking just how cool the experience must have been. I desperately wanted to join them on the stage and sing along with them, as I knew all the words and all the moves. Of course, I could not, and I had to settle for singing into my television remote. Many years later, this dream came true, at least in part, as I found myself on the stage of the Coffee Tea, and Chocolate Festival, singing a Qatarised version of that song on the stage in front of a huge crowd at Bidda Park.

Tell Me About Your Biggest Fear in life.

My biggest fear in life is to have lived a life that was unfulfilled. I want instead to look back at my life and be proud, because I had done everything, tried everything. I do not want to have any regrets, that I had not tried something out of fear. Rather, I want to embrace my fears and try everything that life has to offer.

Tell Me Something About Your Hobby/Interest.

I love working out, and I always fit it into my day. Part of my movie diet included the Rocky series, so training has been a huge part of my life from a young age. It culminated in an Eye Of The Tiger song for Qatar Sports Day.  My Best friend told me this year about Wzn.qa, a diet company, and after joining it, I was so impressed with the results I made an advert for them, and was thrilled to appear on their Instagram page. For me, eating well and working out now are like breathing: I cannot get through my day without either.

Tell me 3 of your Bucket List items which are still pending to be fulfilled.

  • Skydiving
  • Fly in a helicopter
  • Hold my own child in my arms

How do you describe the term Music in your own words?

I would say it is passion, and expression. I use music to send out messages to the world, or to express how I am feeling about something. Music lends itself to that kind of expression, and being used to express how we feel. I have fallen in love with Qatar, and my friends and life here mean the world to me, so in essence, I use my music to express in various different ways those three words: I love you.

Tell me about your journey as a Musical Artist/Singer.

I started with one song, which came to me as I was driving through Katara. It was a time when Camila Cabello was everywhere, and her song Havana was coincidentally being played on QBS Radio. I remember thinking, wouldn’t it be brilliant if there existed a song celebrating Katara like her song celebrated Havana, which talked about having coffee in Qatar. I decided to make this into a reality, and the song was really popular. The second song, We Ain’t Ever Leaving Doha was shared by Her Excellency Shaikha AlMayasa, and it went viral as a result. This encouraged me to make more music celebrating Qatar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What kind of Song do you generally Sing?

I love to sing pop songs from the 1990s, the early 2000s as well as current songs, including songs by Backstreet Boys, the Jonas Brothers, and even the Weeknd. If the beat is great, then I find myself singing it, and making a Qatarised version of it.

What has inspired you to become a Singer ?

My biggest influences include Enrique Iglesias, Michael Jackson, and Ricky Martin, just for their sheer star-power, and how they could lift a stage and a concert with their music. I dreamt a million dreams as a young boy that one day I would hold my own on a stage like these musical giants, and this year, in part, that became a reality.

A Few words about Qatar & how this place has helped you in fulfilling your dreams?

Qatar is the most welcoming country I have ever been to, and the people here embraced my music. Qataris and expats alike have shared and commented on my music on so many different platforms. I always remember one of the comments which someone posted on one of my Tiktok videos, as it read, “this country has opened its arms to you”. No truer words were written and I am eternally grateful for the reception Qatar gave me and continues to give me.

What message do you want to give to our viewers?

Keep listening, and keep sharing these songs, and reach out to me if you would like me to perform.

A Fews Lines People of Qatar Series.

The People of Qatar series is really inspiring as it shines a spotlight on people who may have gone unnoticed or may be flying below radar. Shining a light on these individuals works to motivate these people further, just as it has done so with my music and my channel.

Aslom Ullah

Instagram – qatari_music_vibes

Youtube – Aslom Ullah

     Tiktok – Qatarimusicvibes


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