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Damasca One is one of the biggest restaurants in Souq Waqif. It has 2 floors including a roof terrace. Indoor is perfect for hot day while in the evening the outdoor roof terrace is a better choice. There are TVs for sport and live bands and dancers provide various entertainment in the evening.

One of the most atmospheric places to eat in Souq Waqif, with blue chairs, flowery upholstery and historic scenes of Damascus on screens, Damasca One serves traditional Syrian dishes. Choose from Middle Eastern breakfasts or the subtle flavours of paprika-inflected hummus, salads such as fattoush (toasted bread, tomatoes, onions and mint leaves) and perfectly grilled meats. (Source lonely planet)

Tanoura means skirt in English and Tanoura dance is a kind of folkloric dance which is very common in Islamic countries. The Tanoura dance is distinguished by the use of a multicolored skirt.

You can Enjoy Live Tanoura Show in the Restaurant every Evening. This Restaurant also offer one of the best shisha in souq waqif.

To know more about the restaurant visit below link


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