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Qatar Volunteers is a national voice for volunteerism in Qatar. Since 2008, it has been committed to increasing and supporting volunteerism and community participation. It is an on line forum that collaborate closely with NGOs/ Corporates to promote and broaden volunteering in the State of Qatar.

It aims to Involve local and expatriates to build a strong and connected communities to create a vibrant Qatar and mobilize an inclusive, pro-active and professional group of volunteers to engage in meaningful, community projects throughout Qatar.

It creates platform for newcomers to Qatar, who see volunteering to gain new skills and experiences or socialize and meet new people and learn about local cultures besides driving Social Sustainability by actively supporting the capacity of current and future generations in creating healthy and livable communities.

This on line social group boast of around 25,000 volunteer-members, mostly active. Out of that 57% are based in Qatar.

The volunteers are as young as 5 yrs. old to more than 72 years old, they are students, professionals, technicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, housewives, sports personalities, photographers, community leaders, mentors & motivators.

4 major volunteering activity is done annually namely:

Cool campaign
Which distributes water and juices to construction workers in summer and educating them on keeping themselves hydrated & about dangers of heat- wave & skin cancer.
In past 10 years the campaign reached around 80,000 workers.

Iftar Drive Campaign
Distribute Iftar packs to motorists during the Holy Month of Ramadan at the time of breaking the fast.
In past 10 years the campaign reached around 40,000 motorists.

Blood Donation drive
supports HMC to fulfill their requirement for the blood donations by assisting employees of Corporate organizations
In last 10 years more than 1,000 volunteers participated in blood donation drive.

Desert & beach cleanup campaign
Focuses on collecting small debris, plastic bottles, caps, cigarette butts, glass, metal pieces etc. found on the beaches by involving school children, corporate sectors and social groups
In last 10 years the campaign collected & disposed several tons of debris.

More than 6,000 applications were received to volunteer at the Rahman concert and the SC collaborated with Qatar Volunteers Group, which has been active for eight years, to select the most suitable people for the occasion and manage them on the day. https://www.facebook.com/274209762705885/posts/2018928691567308/?sfnsn=mo

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