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Environmental Ambassadors of Qatar-Application open



A joint initiative by



QGBC aims to support the overall health and sustainability of the environment, the people, and economic security in Qatar for generations to come. We believe that sustainability is a multi-faceted challenge that requires holistic collaboration between different partners, stakeholders and the community. Such partnerships drive sustainability at different levels and build and strengthen public awareness regarding environmental protection as well as encourage the use of environmentally sound technologies.

This transformational movement requires not only the collaboration of the public and private sector, but also the involvement of the youth who are the present and future of Qatar to understand and take part in influencing and implementing this change for the future.

Therefore, QGBC has joined hands with AYCMQ to launch The Environmental Ambassadors of Qatar. The Program is an active, educational leadership program, a first of its kind in the state of Qatar focused on timeless, universal ecological principles applicable to all-natural ecosystems for those interested in personal, collaborative, and community engaged learning. The program offers opportunities for critical and creative engagement, and experiences for youth to practice their leadership skills and sustainability competencies through learning, planning, and idea implementation.

The topics will range from climate change, terrestrial ecosystem, oceans, plastic pollution, seed conservation to renewable energy, waste management, voluntary simplicity, etc. After a rigorous selection process, the individuals will be trained to dedicate part of their time to raising awareness of the subject and highlight the current status and what needs to be done through a year-long campaign in social media, public events, schools, Universities and other relevant platforms.

The program will foster confidence and creativity in the ambassadors through education and team building to empower them to connect, promote and take action in their communities at home, school, universities, thus becoming Ambassadors of the Environment and Sustainability at large.

The Sustainability Ambassadors program is an immersive leadership experience for those interested in personal, collaborative, and community engaged learning.


Each ambassador will be trained to communicate their ideas in an accessible format to a wider audience. Consequently, getting opportunities to represent QGBC/AYCMQ in different forums, attend international youth conferences/summits, travel grants (based on availability) to present their findings on community engagement as well as do various projects, short video and social media engagements to reach wider audience etc. This will enable youth to be serious about the natural system that is taken for granted.

The Ambassadors will spotlight topics such as:
• Climate Change
• Air Pollution
• Plastic pollution
• Terrestrial biodiversity/Marine biodiversity
• Food chain and web
• Natural cycles (carbon/nitrogen/oxygen/water/nutrient)
• Ecological services
• Guardians of seeds
• Consumption
• Metaphors between human cities and natural ecosystems
• Sustainability in nature and human communities
• Environmental Conservation
• Connections: person to person, creature to creature, land to sea, and present to future


• To demonstrate the wonder of nature.
• To develop knowledge of and respect for the environment.
• To show how people depend on and impact the natural environment.
• To inspire everyone to protect natural resources and to live in an environmentally responsible manner
• To empower youth with the knowledge and resources to become Environmental Ambassador in their communities, advocating and promoting sustainable living.


Any committed Qatari or resident youth and adults who can take a few hours every month to dedicate in educating themselves and the community the different topics and find creative ways to deliver the information to a diverse audience – children, young adults and adults in different locations – schools, Universities, workplace, majlis, conferences, etc.
We are looking for 15-20 ambassadors with strong desire to work for their community on a voluntary basis. The ambassadors can be University students (under gradate and post graduate students) and also select community members committed to environmental issues with a strong previous track record

TIMELINE: 1 Year Programme.

Application steps:

  1. Complete the application form below by Saturday 4 July 2020
  2. Send your CV to info@qatargbc.org
  3. Selected candidates will be contacted by Monday 17 August 2020



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