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Bhavna Sagar Naik-Journey of Connecting People through Dance


“Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists.”-Michael Jackson

Born on 9th April 1988 in the city of dreams Mumbai to a Punjabi father and Kannada mother who mutually decided 2 years after my birth to give me a great life by choosing their own way with utmost distant care and love.

My nature by birth is of a very talkative girl, not so shy , straightforward, energetic and loud. Living under shelter of my maternal grandmother and family I had great childhood you can say I was a  spoiled brat of the family with so much love around me not even a single day I have missed my parents for not being around.

But I always had a sense of responsibility towards my own life which never let me deter from my goal and achievements. Being topper in academics, sports , elocution and all other cultural activities mainly dancing . I always made everyone proud . I never wanted anyone to be unhappy by failing at anything I took up or i did.

But can we be good at everything everytime ?

And the answer is No .

We are great at something and we end up doing something we are inclined towards one thing and we end up doing another.

There is always a mind game’ to be or not to be’ while we are growing.

At that moment being good at everything and making everyone happy was not in my favour because everyone around me assumed I could be a great banker , or an athlete , or take up a corporate and secured job .No one knew or even asked me what I wanted to be in life.

I wanted to be a speaker, journalist radio jockey and my family thought I was great in studies and should be doing something fruitful unaware of the great opportunities that we always had in the above field .This was one of the phase of my life.

The other started when I gave up all my professional aspirations for the love of my life my passion‘ dance ‘ . It took me few years to know my calibre until one day my school English teacher made me realize that you are meant to do this and spread your vibes through this amongst the people.

I then became a dance choreographer and performer and it did not happen out of somewhere. It’s runs in my blood. I belong to a family from film fraternity some are directors, editors and mostly everyone are or were dancers and choreographers .I started learning and then teaching classical dance at a very young age. “My grandfather remained associated with Bollywood as an editor and a director. My father has been a Bhangra, traditional Punjabi dance choreographer. Both of my brothers are dance choreographers with the film industry. My mother is a Bharatanatyam dancer. So guess it just came naturally to me. Started choreographing and teaching at the age of 10 I was just enjoying it as a hobby but slowly it grew in me as years passed .

Performing choreographing not only became my bread and butter and made me famous but also it helped me overcome negativity and stress of day to day life As if this was just meant to be.

But the hurdle was my most loving family never encouraged me then as they knew the pros and cons of it.I had anyways shattered their dreams by not taking up what they wanted me to be. I just went with flow of incidences that pushed me more and more to turn my passion into profession.

I knew they stopped me from this profession for various reasons. Dancers never got that kind of respect in the society I had seen it and faced myself . I have strived very hard to prove myself at every step and I was successful when I changed the perspective and perception of people who pointed fingers at me and my family. Later in life those were the people who called me their teacher.

In recent times I am glad it’s changing to a certain extent and dancers and choreographers are given due respect.

Slowly but steadily I created niche for myself by teaching the elite business crowd and schools of South Mumbai. Not inclined too much towards being on silver screen or taking part in reality shows I made sure I carve my name amongst the masses  who would not only learn to move but take home positivity and happiness.

In my journey of dancing and choreographing for 21 years now . I got immense support from my family friends my gurus teachers and now my husband and in-laws.

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My first performance was at a Besakhi Festival organised by North Indian Association in 2017. Being an expert in Odissi dance, i have been associated with Indian Cultural Center (ICC) as an activity (dance) teacher. I have already organised two workshops on classical Indian dances. First workshop was about Odissi dance and the other was about Bollywood dances. People from different expatriate communities attended the workshops. The response so far has been very good. About 30 to 40 people attended the workshops including children and women above 60.”

I Won several national and state level school competitions. I represented my college Jai Hind in the prestigious festival ‘Malhar’ and participated in various Odissi international festivals by winning some titles and accolades. Kept learning and attending workshops not only for Bollywood dancing but also for jazz , folk, ballroom and hip hop.

Choreographed over 500 marriage sangeets, school annual days, events and a proud owner of dance academy Bhavna –the feeling which I had to dissolve before coming here to embark my next journey which has so far been great.

Dance also gave me opportunities to learn event management, public relations, content, writing, blogging , being and emcee on stage where my love for speaking was full filled.

My life just revolved around dance and dancing as it’s rightly said ‘ destiny has its own plans & i achieved all my goals by turning my passion into profession.

Despite having close proximity and intimacy with Bollywood, i choose not to be a part of the film industry. ‘I have taught many Bollywood celebrities and well-known people in Mumbai. Many people asked me to become a part of Bollywood but I was never inclined towards the industry. I want to remain connected with the people through dance and teaching dance. I know that I have a passion for the dance. People tell me that I am a compassionate teacher. I love to be among people. I make sure that the participants leave only after they learn something new about the classical dance. I want to spread the classical dance in Qatar among the people of different communities.”

William Shakespeare says ‘ to be or not to be that is the question’ so you are the only one who has right to choose your fate.

Bhavna Sharma Naik

Contact Me

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/bhavna.s9488

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/Bhavna_thefeelingofdance/


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