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Police in Qatar to be seen in new uniform from Sunday


Police personnel in Qatar will be seen in new uniforms from Sunday.
The Ministry of Interior unveiled the uniform designs and colour at a press conference held at the Police Training Institute on Thursday.

The new uniforms are designed taking into account the combination of modern and classical styles in harmony with the Qatari environment and reflecting its authentic Arab civilization.
They are inspired by the Qatari heritage that reflects the different civilizations that have succeeded in the country while adding a touch of development witnessed by the State.
Qatar Police Uniform Manual classifies seven dress codes such as ceremony uniforms, official uniforms, duty uniforms, field uniforms, specialized field uniforms, training uniforms, and special missions uniforms.

There are different summer and winter uniforms as well. Special uniforms are designed for Public Transport Security, Airport Security, Traffic Patrol, and Stadium Security Department as well as for female police officers.


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