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Qatar Museums brings an interesting exhilarating opportunity for the Artists in Qatar


Every artist is always looking forward to an exciting, challenging, afresh prospect, to push his/her skills and art form and bring something new for the art lovers. So, here is a titillating opportunity for all the artists present in Qatar. Yes, you heard it right, get ready to create a nonpareil art project.

Qatar Museum has brought an unparalleled, not to be missed chance for all the artists present in Qatar. Qatar museums have been continuously creating different online virtual episodes throughout the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) to encourage artists.

Al Mayassa Al Thani on Twitter: "نطلق اليوم دعوة مفتوحة للفنانين في قطر للمشاركة في مهرجان “جداري آرت” شاركونا بتقديم مقترحاتكم الفنية للجداريات في مطافي ومختلف المناطق المخصصة في مدينة الدوحة على

Currently Qatar Museums commenced open call for JEDARIART. They have opened an invitation for artists to propose their project or idea for the same. JEDARIART not only fetches collectively all diverse artists in sync under one roof, also enhances vivacity and zest in Doha. The walls around the city will be thoroughly curated and will be beautified via unmatched murals and street art. JEDARIART goals at inviting artists to proffer their ideas for the walls of Fire Station and pronounced designated districts through their innovative arbitrations. This will empower the urban areas and will make distinct references for the visitors and residents of the country.

Basic ground rules for the applicants are as following:

  1. The age of an artist MUST be over 18 years. The opportunity is open for allQatari artists and artists living in Qatar of any nationality (applicants must hold a valid Qatar residence permit).
  2. The plan submitted by the artist MUST be for mural or street art which will be placed on wall space.
  3. Qatar Museums will designate a wall to the selected artist. Selected artists MUST finish their murals within 10 days.
  4. Artist will be given capital amount to cover the project.
  5. Artist MUST be prepared to take workshop on request, on accepting the commission.
  6. The artist may appraise the purpose to the community as well as clearly present the message which they like to provide via their artwork.
  7. The DEADLINE for submission of application is September 27, 2020.

How to submit your proposal:

  1. Download the application form from the official Qatar Museums Website.
  2. Fill all the details asked in the form.
  3. Send the application and proposal to PAOpenCall@qm.org.qa.

So all the best to the artist applying for this great opportunity. Go ahead and fill the application.

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