Time management is not just about managing our time but managing oneself. There is a saying “don’t bite off more than you can chew”. Commitment to what we say determines our personality and our efficiency in managing ourselves. Moreover, good time management enables us to work smart – so that we get more done in less time.

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We all have a 24-hour timeframe in a day. How effectively we utilize this time makes us different from the other. There is certainly no shortage of information

— books, blogs, apps and formulae created to improve time management yet, they are unlikely to work.

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When we talk about effectiveness, we cannot deny that the early hours of the day are the most fruitful and constructive. Ideally, the time at which a person’s 24-hour clock begins is key to managing oneself and one’s time. If we follow the slogan “early to bed, early to rise” we definitely are at an advantage because we can leverage on enhanced energy and concentration levels of the early dawn. This in turn contributes to active time management.

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Also, there are key aspects of life that are not part of our material existence. Holistic time management involves the development of the body, mind and the soul. Our beliefs, attitude, purpose in life, personal policies and outlook all impact the way we manage time. The phrase “less is more” is the mantra of time management. Studies have shown that multitasking is unconnected to time management.

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Essentially, each one of us face issues in our daily lives, and are required to handle certain tasks, or to devote time on certain activities. We need to identify and compartmentalize issues so that we can park them in our system and prioritize them accordingly. Time management is all about identifying and prioritizing things which would result in a favorable outcome. If we know clearly that our immediate actions are not going to result in an expected solution, we might as well park it for the future.

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In conclusion, “Time” is the most precious resource because we cannot reverse it. We can be effective if we plan for our day. Life can throw new opportunities and challenges anytime; the test lies in how effective we are when circumstances change.

The Above article is written by Nithya Aravind, who is a Chartered Accountant working in the Insurance industry in Qatar.


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