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QAMO (Qatar Moms)

QAMO (Qatar Moms) is a social group formed by Deepa Jaiswal on 24th July 2020 .
Our vision of bringing all moms who are in Qatar under one roof became true.  We wanted to  bring all the moms together who are full of compassion and love and are always ready to help each other.
We are happy to share some milestones we all have achieved together in past few months!
To start with, We would like to thank Neha Kare for giving us such a huge platform UNIMO Universe of Moms. We are World’s Largest Mommy Community with 460000 MOMS,and present in 21 Hyperlocal city groups. And QAMO (Qatar Moms) is a chapter of UNIMO.
We are indeed ‘A Happy Mom Project’ making the world a smaller place.
I feel proud and happy to say that we have set a benchmark by becoming the fastest growing & largest  WhatsApp group in QATAR.
In just few months, we became the  largest WhatsApp group of moms in Qatar . We have more than 700 moms in our groups. And we are growing in strength, day by day and making our presence felt in each and every part of QATAR.
This group was and will always be about Ladies and For Ladies.
We have always believed in the ideology of respecting and understanding each other. There is no place for negativity in our group. For us, this group will always be a place where you can share your feelings and feel free to ask for any help.
We will keep bringing informative and interesting sessions and things for you
as we have always done and will always try to help in whatever way we can.
We have conducted Many Informative & Interesting zoom sessions till now.
Above all QAMO  was  formed because our Founder DEEPA JAISWAL had that belief and stood strong by the ethics and worked tirelessly to form this beautiful group
We would always strive to bring the best for our members in the form of discussions, entertainment, fun and lot many more.
Someone has very aptly said..
“When women come together, Wonderful things happen”
We have created our Facebook group on October 5th 2020 . In just 3 months we are around 2000 Indian ladies there .
On the occasion of  72nd Republic Day of India we celebrated our very First Event RANG DE BASANTI in the Aspire Park of Qatar by Group Indian Moms – QAMO (Qatar Indian Moms) which is chapter of UNIMO (Universe of Moms). UNIMO is world’s largest community of Moms with 460000 plus members.
The event commenced with small gathering organized by Ms. Deepa Jaiswal, founder of QAMO (Qatar Indian Moms) and Namita Singh (Admin of QAMO).
Ms. Deepa Jaiswal, in her own message to the gathering, lauded the valuable contribution of Indian nationals residing in Qatar. The Moms & Kids saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to upholding the honor and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “India”.
To know more about them click on link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1168364023536132/


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