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Manu Soler-It’s Time to Rewire


(1) How would you like to Introduce yourself?

My name is Manu Soler, I’m Spanish, I’m 31 years old and I’ve been based in Qatar since 2015. I’m a civil engineer with a master degree in self-development and leadership and a personal trainer too. But all of this just feels an aseptic description, I am just a down to earth, motivated person trying to have fun in life and to share what I’ve learnt about it.

(2) Tell Me Something About Your Family & How they have Supported you in achieving your Dream?

I come from an average Spanish family, based in Picassent, Valencia. There is 4 of us. My family has been very supportive of me despite the fact that sometimes they wouldn’t agree or understand what exactly I was trying to do. They are a living prove of unconditional love.

(3) Tell Me About Your Best/Memorable Childhood Memory.

I have so many good memories from my childhood, but the one that comes to my mind right now is the time when my grandfather took me to a circus that came to our town. It was a week day and for me it felt as if I was on holiday.

(4) Passion leads to success-If you agree with the quote how would you relate it with yourself.

We tend to decide our career based on “how successful it can make us”, so money and a job with career progression opportunities become the target. On the contrary, if we could understand at an early age, that if we focus on our passion, we will offer an amazing product or service and consequently, money will come as a result, then our lives would be significantly different. This is what I’ve experienced when I started doing my seminars, meditations and one to one sessions. Passion leads to excellence, excellence leads to income and income can be reinvested in that passion, which will bring you success.

(5) When you are 80-years-old, what will matter to you the most?

I don’t know what I will have for dinner this evening, yet alone what will matter to me the most when I’m 80! Life is NOW.

(6) Tell me about your hobbies

Almost definitely all sports, spending quality time with my friends and anything related to the three “s’s”: sun, sand and sea.

(7) Your 3 Bucket list Dreams.

As of now: giving a TED talk, having family and the ability to work from anywhere I like in the world.

(8) Tell me about your journey as Motivational Speaker & Life Coach?

I’ve been studying and learning about self development, philosophy and psychology for 7 years now. Also doing all kinds of meditation. Then I started with a “homemade” free of charge seminar, running it from my apartment. Step by step, I was reaching out to more and more people and today I’m happy to say we are a group of 60+ people that  meet up every Friday for seminars and group meditations. During seminars we discuss different topic every week, then we meditate in a group.

Another interesting service I offer are boat trips to Safliya Island where participants can enjoy meditation in tranquil surrounding, meet new people and enjoy their time bathing in the sea, walking or simply resting under the sun.

I’m also able to offer customers tailored solutions in one-to-one sessions where they can discuss matters they can’t discuss anywhere else: life purpose, relationships, career, problems at work, feelings of “emptiness”, meditation, self-esteem, etc.

(9) What has inspired you to become a Life coach & Motivational Speaker?

I’ve realized that we all look for the same thing in life: to have a better life experience. We go through life looking for happiness where we’ll never find it: money, family, validation, security…you name it. I believe we were born complete and filled with happiness, but we’ve learnt how “not to be happy”.  We were told that we need to achieve certain things to become happy. The moment you realize that  looking for happiness is what makes you unhappy, everything changes. Everything you want in life is already there, in the present moment, so you need to stop believing that you are incomplete and start enjoying your life to the fullest.
It’s difficult to believe that somehow we’ve managed to complicate something so simple…the reason behind it all is to share my point of view and explain, something considered to be complicated, in a very simple way, that I can do it in a “language” that everyone understands.

(10) Can you describe your life in a six word sentence?

Beautiful mystery yet to be discovered.

(11) If you had the chance to go back in time and change one thing would you do it?


(12) If a doctor gave you five years to live, what would you try to accomplish?

Being present at all  times.

(13) How do you want to help the society?

By sharing this message: bad emotions and feelings are not created by what happens to us. They are just an internal alarm saying “Hey, you have been disconnected from the present moment, please come back ”. When we feel bad we have the tendency to overthink hoping to “solve the problem”, what we fail to see is that bad emotions have nothing to do with what has happened, is happening or will happen. They are just an indicator of your disconnection with reality. They are like the physical reaction of skin when you put your hand in the fire. Your body will tell you “don’t do this or you will get burn”. In our case: “do not disconnect from the present moment”.

To summarize : You are one thought away from happiness.

(14) A Few words about Qatar & how this place has helped you in fulfilling your dreams?

Qatar is the place to be, right now. It’s a land of opportunities. Multicultural country where you meet interesting people. It’s a perfect combination between luxury and tradition, plus it’s size allows you to enjoy the privileges of a big country without having to travel far within it’s borders. Summer’s temperature all year round, what else can you ask for?

(15) What message do you want to give to our viewers?

That there is another point of view. We have been taught that we need this and that to feel fulfilled, we won’t be happy until we get it and once we get it we are not happy as we worry we might lose it. We don’t want money, perfect partner, validation, etc. What we want is what we think those things are going to provide us with: a better life experience. But what we don’t see is that our natural state of being, is happiness, confidence, security, peace and love. So instead of asking yourself “what I have to do to be happy?” I ask you “what are you doing in order to NOT be happy?”.
(16) A Few Lines about Essence of Qatar.(Our Website) as well as People of Qatar Series.
I’ve just discovered Essence of Qatar and I wish I knew about you earlier. You are doing an amazing job guys, sharing with all citizens of Qatar information about activities , services, news and people that they can meet in this amazing country.

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