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Small Changes, make big difference!! Are you ready to take up these few challenges?


When it comes to improving our health and happiness, all the tips floating around the internet and suggestions given by our doctors can seem overwhelming.  I feel we don’t have to completely overhaul our lives to improve them, but we can instead make little changes to our lifestyle that can have a big effect. I have made so many  small changes and have taken time to build them. I realized that they seem less daunting at the start, which encouraged to stay consistent in my changes. I also want to share one more important aspect that having positive atmosphere around you makes a lot of difference to your wellbeing. Look for likeminded people and de-stress yourselves over free time.

One of the major challenges we can find is identifying initial changes that work for which we can successfully incorporate into our daily lifestyle, and this can help motivate us to take on more habits later on, including other areas of life as well.

1) Start your day with drinking enough water (a little warm)

Sometimes, we start our days with coffee, or a cup of tea, or we simply aren’t conscious of our water intake throughout the day. I have noticed that if I don’t drink enough water in a day, it cause moodiness, fatigue, and problems concentrating. It is my recommendation that before you grab that coffee mug or tea cup, aim to drink at least some water first. It helps to clear off toxins which have built in out body overnight.


  • grab coconut water instead of canned juices or sweetened juices readily available in market (in between any time of the day)
  • Avoid and stop, yes you heard it right, aerated drinks or carbonated drinks

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2) Enjoy food without distractions

Part of mindful eating is eating without distractions and savoring the sense of any food. This help encourage healthier food choices and even relieve stress. When I have my lunch in office, I make sure that I use that time properly and enjoy what I consume. Work is constant but we have to limit ourselves to set our priorities right. When we eat while totally preoccupied — driving, emailing, working, in front of the television, etc — our body never gets the clear signal that what nutrients we are taking in. Remember it is the connection of the brain and mind, and we need to connect the dots right.

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3) Any exercise for 30 to 40 minutes

To get a natural boost of energy as well as a breath of fresh air, engage in walking or running or jogging or Zumba or dancing on a regular basis. Do what you love, like yoga or Pilates whatever be it. It improves overall metabolism and helps get proper sleep.

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4) Spend some own time (away from social media)

Sometimes, I am so much into social media that time just slips away as I scroll through news feed. I often end up in discussion where people start comparing themselves. I am always a very selective person when it comes to choosing people around me. The smaller your world, the peaceful it is. Discuss, talk, laugh, share opinions, get into healthy conversations. It uplifts your self-confidence and you understand people well. Be a good listener! Kudos!

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5) Don’t sit at a stretch at work (take breaks in between)

Sitting at a computer all day? It’s time to change that. I have set an alarm to remind myself to walk around the office or home or from wherever, I am working from. Also, even just stand. It promotes proper blood circulation in our body. Trust me, I have also set reminder to drink water. I will guarantee you it is a good practice.

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6) Make your own food

I am so fond of home cooked food. I usually do not get time to cook as I have a tight work schedule.  But one thing I make sure is that, 5 days I eat only home cooked food. I treat myself over weekends that it. This is one of the most difficult changes that you can make, and the rightest change. Always remember you are what you eat. And portion control and home cooked food is one of the healthiest way to keep your calorie intake in control.

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