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What are we?

A reading club where you read more than books. A social network where you meet extraordinary people. A focused group where you can master your mind.

What do we do?

We read, watch, and learn from different sources, and we meet up weekly to discuss.

Why We do what we do?

To inspire positive change.

How do we do it?

  1. We pick a topic for each month.
  2. We publish a list of resources for the month (books, articles, videos).
  3. We will announce one book as the main book of the month, where it is optional to focus on it.
  4. You can use whatever sources from the list you wish to learn from and to reflect on during the discussion.
  5. We set a meetup for discussion.


Self-Development & Mindfulness

How to join?

Due to Covid-19 circumstances RSVP is required through Instagram and MeetUp.

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