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All About Katara Art Studios


The Katara Art Studios (KAS) are located within Cultural Village Foundation, at the heart of the Katara Galleries neighborhood, Building 19
KAS have 1 workshop room where educational programs in the visual arts are delivered and developed, a lounge library, and 3 artist studios hosting a local, regional and international Artist in Residency Program, developed and supported by Katara. The artist studios will also receive guest artists during their exhibitions at Katara Galleries and serve as an educational platform from where knowledge transmission will be promoted and encouraged between all Artists in Residence, the Guest artists, and Qatari artists.

KAS Educational Programs

 Artist Lead Workshops

Katara Art Studios invites all artists, art educators and creative people to submit proposals for workshops to take place at Katara. We encourage all that have interesting ideas for workshops involving lots of creativity and artistic ideas, and stimulation of the general creative artistic side of our pubic. Contact us if you want to give a workshop at the Katara Art Studios!

Artist Portfolio Development Program

This program focuses on supporting young and aspiring artists to construct, develop and self-critique their artistic portfolio. The KAS team will work with a selected number of artists working on different media and discussing a diversity of themes in their artistic practice. The program is individually tailored to each artist selected and the artists will work individually and directly with the instructor.

Artist Studio Program

This program will allow young and aspiring artists to conceptualize, develop and work on their work at their studios but also facilitate collective artists meetings at the Katara Art Studios where the different selected artists for this program can benefit from analysis, critique and conceptual evaluation of their work by peers, under the supervision and guidance of the Katara Curatorial and Visual Arts Education teams.

Young Curators Program

This program is directed at young and aspiring curators wanting to learn about curating art projects, develop cultural activities involving artistic practices.  It will provide the selected participants with all the tools necessary to be able to become active members of their cultural community at the end of the program. It will apply to all artistic practices.

Katara Art Studios
Applying for the Artist in Residence Program

Aims and objectives
The Katara Art Studios artist in residency program has been designed to fit the aims and objectives of the artists that contact us with artistic projects featuring their skills as artists, and their capacity of engaging with the Qatari local art scene and its cultural diversity.

The main objective of the program is to build bridges between artists from different national backgrounds and promote meaningful dialogue and opportunities to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
All local, regional and international artists are invited to apply for a residency period at the Katara Art Studios, and submit their project proposal with funding details. Limited funding is available for this residency program, so we encourage the artists to secure funding for their project and then apply for a residency at the Katara Art Studios.

Eligibility is assessed on a project basis; depending on the project merit both for the local, regional and global art scenes.

Selection procedure
The selection committee normally consists of all the visual arts team based at the Cultural Village Foundation, Katara Cultural Affairs Department.

Artists Talks at Katara Art Studios

Regional and International Artists are invited for talks and conferences at the Katara Art Studios to promote intercultural and international artistic exchanges.

Receiving school tours

The Katara Art Studios encourages and welcomes all schools in Qatar to visit the Cultural Village Foundation, Katara and participate in tailor made visual arts workshops at the Katara Art Studios. Whatever age group of the students, the educational team is able to deliver workshops that are simultaneously entertaining and pedagogical in the area of visual arts and social and cultural awareness through cultural interactions and sharing knowledge.

Contact Us

From 10:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Building 19
44080233 \ 44080235


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