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Tame your mind and stop overthinking


There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts”.

Our minds often play fool with us and making up our mind may be the single most difficult thing to do. Agree?

Let’s all be honest together, overthinking is a trait that affects us all. Spiraling negative thought patterns that attack our brains and which we allow to completely control it, time and time again, depriving us from the joy of enjoying life and living every single moment, as if it was our last, leaving us in constant fear and anxiety of the future and the unknown, imprisoning us in the cells of pessimism and only ever expecting the worst, even when there is that little tiny glimmer of hope.

We face problems, some are frivolous; some are life changing. Some force us to draw from within us our greatest mental potential. Many cause nothing more than stress.

Whatever issues life presents us, whether small or big, we think about them.

We think about what to do, what not to do, and what would be “best” for us and for everyone around us.

Some ways you can get rid of this habit of overthinking which may be taking over your life;

Acceptance: accept and acknowledge that you have a problem and that it is the main reason of your discomfort. If you don’t admit that your overthinking is a problem, you will never be able to fix it.

The Spiritual Principle of Acceptance - The Aviary Recovery Center

Stop Assuming: do not overthink and make assumptions about the true meaning behind certain acts or words. Assumptions will not lead you anywhere and will probably give you a much worse picture than reality.

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Create Distractions: try to distract yourself by keeping busy with activities i.e. meet friends, socialize with your family, go out, watch a movie. Anything that can take your mind off the topic you are over thinking about is a great distraction.

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Avoid Toxic People: remove negative and toxic people from your life, especially those who cause you to overthink in order to meet their expectations, people who make you feel bad about yourself or make you feel that you are not good enough. You do not need this kind of energy in your life; cut it off and walk away.

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Practice Extreme Sports: choose sports that push your limits; jogging is nice but running as fast as you can be amazing.

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Read: inspirational books that would blow your mind; do not give your brain time to think about things that happened in the past. Make it think about new stuff, about the universe and the stars, about love and hate, war and history, science and religion. Do not allow it to overthink about people and actions; it will not lead you anywhere.

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Forgive Yourself and Let Go: not forgiving yourself leads to a lot of self-blaming and scrutinizing all your actions and reactions. You must accept that we all make mistakes and that it’s because we fall that we learn to stand up again. Let go of the past; know that not everything is under control all the time. There will be times when things will go out of control and it is OK. Breathe, watch, learn from your mistakes, and move on. Do not overthink it; just let go.

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you...  | McGill Media

When your final years are approaching, you will not worry about how well you thought through your decisions, or how thoroughly and accurately you approached life’s forks in the road. You will rest happily knowing you lived true to yourself, acted with confidence, and stood up for what you believed in.

So don’t worry about the perfection of your decisions. Be swift to move forward, even if it is in the wrong direction. Boldness is respectable; carefulness has never changed the world.

Much Love



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