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KidZania Doha and Al Meera launched kid-sized supermarket

KidZania Doha and Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Al Meera), have announced the launch of a kid-sized supermarket inside the city of KidZania Doha.
Saeed al-Nabet, Administration Affairs & Human Resources director of Al Meera, and Ali Abdulla al-Mutawaa, board member of Qatar Entertainment (Tasali), which holds the exclusive license to KidZania Doha, led the signing and ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of the supermarket, marking its official inauguration.
The collaboration between the two organisations aims to educate the children of Qatar about the importance and essentiality of the retail industry in providing the daily needs of society.
At the supermarket, children will take on the role of various retail professional staff, such as shoppers, cashiers, merchandisers, and delivery staff. With its unique realistic retail atmosphere, kids will gauge an introduction and understanding of the inner workings of retail and have the opportunity to develop their skills including interpersonal, communication, teamwork, and financial literacy.
Amongst the activities children can participate in are experiencing how to shop on their own, complete transactions, refurnish stocks, assemble, and deliver orders. At the end of each activity, they will receive a salary (KidZos – KidZania’s currency) as their compensation for their hard work alongside fresh knowledge on how to provide the best shopping experience to customers.
Al-Mutawaa said, “KidZania is the world’s leading education and entertainment brand, and we believe that the best method in teaching children is through role-playing. With a unique business model, brands, and businesses in the country, we are able to interact with kids and give them informative experiences that will definitely make a huge impact on their future.”
He added: “Partnering with Al Meera provides kids in Doha the opportunity to understand the process, values, and business of retailing. I am delighted that we have provided kids in Doha this unique opportunity, which I believe helps them to increase their knowledge in this industry as well as interact and understand the process behind the making of a successful business like Al Meera.”
Al-Nabet said, “Al Meera is more than a retailer. We take an active interest in the well-being and sustainable development of our community which frequently brings us to advance social initiatives.
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“By joining hands with KidZania, Al Meera not only provides a unique platform to educate children on our business but also contributes towards the knowledge development of our community in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.”
The partnership between the companies falls under KidZania’s vision to provide a realistic, unique, and safe learning environment for children, one that is both fun and educational through role-playing, where the expertise and skills of international and local brands are used as an asset in providing an all-out experience. Moreover, this collaboration aligns with the pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030 in developing and empowering the next generation of the country.


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