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Geekdom- Qatar Largest Pop Culture Event


Doha Film Institute (DFI) announced the largest pop culture event in Qatar (Geekdom 3000). The event features the most extensive fun-filled line-up to date for all gaming enthusiasts, geeks and super-fans.

Running until Feb. 24, the event will bring together comic crusaders to sci-fi enthusiasts to unite every day from 3 pm to 11 pm for an epic celebration light years ahead at the Geekdom Building on Lusail Boulevard.

Chief Executive Officer of DFI Fatma Hassan Al Remaihi said: “In a world where the lines between technology, art, and storytelling increasingly blur, Geekdom offers an essential platform for a new generation of creatives and enthusiasts, where local and international talents can connect, share, and innovate.

“This year, we’ve expanded Geekdom even further, showcasing an array of activities that resonate with our diverse and growing creative community”, she added.

For his part, Chief Administrative Officer of DFI and Geekdom Founder Abdulla Al Mosallam said: “Geekdom 3000 pushes boundaries with an eye to the future, and challenges participants to go beyond their limits to find new opportunities in our common love for fun and whimsy. It is a clear reflection of Doha Film Institutes unwavering dedication to cultivating a vibrant, inclusive, and creative community of vendors, game developers, artists, that has not only become a cornerstone in Qatars pop culture calendar but also adds value to the local economy. Geekdom 3000 is a celebration of originality, a place where the fantastical becomes tangible and where every participant can explore and broaden their creative horizons”.

One of the most anticipated events of Geekdom 3000 is the Gaming Tournament organized in partnership with Showdown, which brings an electrifying array of games for visitors to play, and master hosted at The Forgotten Planet with winners standing to win a total of QR 75,000.

Prepare for a captivating display of creativity and flair at the annual cosplay competition Powered by TOD, organized in partnership with Nakama. The competition will be held in three categories performance and craftsmanship for those over 14 years, and a kids category for 5 to 13-year-olds.

Visitors can also explore Error 404, a themed escape room where participants are tasked with solving a series of puzzles and riddles within a 60-minute timeframe to “escape” the room. Rooms are designed with distinct storylines, such as escaping from inside of a computer.

The Sixth Dimension is an innovative and interactive environment featuring cutting-edge digital technologies. It fosters imagination, creativity, and innovation through futuristic installations, educational games, apps, and new digital tools. The Sixth Dimension will offer a one-of-a-kind interactive experience in Qatar, showcase the latest advancements in technology and art, present an educational exhibition, and bring joy and fun to audiences of all ages.

DFI established Geekdom 3000 in 2013, since then it has progressed to be a largest pop culture event in Qatar offering the community a unique opportunity and a wide range of fields of kinetic arts and visual storytelling such as art, films, music, video games, animation, television.

The event promoted its standing as a cross-generational innovative space for all age groups to support a wide spectrum of content makers. (QNA)

Source – QNA

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