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Health The Core of a Woman’s Strength


Youth is full of elixir and one is on a high as one tries out everything thrilling and adventurous in life. However as a girl steps into marriage life takes a u turn. (Here I am referring to the brides of yesterday years like me.) There is a total change of paradigm in her life.
From the carefree, bubbly girl emerges a more responsible housewife who embraces her new duties with her heart and soul. It is fine so far but, true to the facts drilled into her since childhood. her priorities change. It is first her home, husband and later on the child. Without realizing it she plunges herself into her responsibilities so whole heartedly that she forgets her position in the priority list.

Food and exercise routines take a backseat as she shuttles between the career and homefront , often stretching herself beyond her means. Before long she notices the wisp of grey hair but not the lurrking aches and pains which she temporarily pushes away dowing a couple of painkillers. Warnings from mother about looking after herself is ignored as she turns on her energy full swing like a super woman – a super mom and home maker.

As the late forties and fifties creep up the pains develop further with the diabetes , gout and blood pressure creeping in. The pains now mature and are labelled as ‘arthritis ‘, the flighty steps now turn to limps and the left arm perpetually support the aching back. Remarks like ‘I told you to go slow and spend time for yourself’ coming from mothers are irritants.

Having come a long way along this path, I too have got hooked on to tablets of various sizes and shapes. Now only repair helps so I thought I should share my experience with the youth and provide them with a warning of things to come.

The first step is to add yourself to the priority list. Career, home, husband children are a woman’s pride and priority no doubt , but one must chalk out some time to care for oneself. A woman’s physical well being is the strength that would hold the other family together.

Rise a few minutes early to take a brisk walk or exercise. Delegate simple tasks to the members of your family- like laying the table, clearing the dishes, filling water bottles etc. It would not only be of help to you but be a lesson to other and even help to inculcate good habits and concern for one another. They would be aware of the humungous task you undertake and appreciate it too.

Ensure that like the members of your family you too develop regular eating habits. Most important is to take a break at midday. A long siesta leaves you waking up lethargic so avoid it. Develop the habit of a power nap. This means a short nap of 20 to 30 minutes. Pull yourself upto a piping hot cuppa as you sit back relaxing and you are well geared to take on your evening chores.

Do not forget to involve the family members wherever possible. Mentally chalk out a routine to deal with your household chores and children without making them aware of it. Remember rigidity faces resentment, so adopt the element of fun in everything you do.

Spend fun time with the family before winding up for the day. A hot shower before you hit the pillow and some precious moments spent with your spouse before you switch off for the day.

The main idea is not to neglect oneself. Even a machine needs servicing and overhauling from time to time, so does your body. Keep yourself fit and you will find life more exciting and less tedious. Pamper yourself from time to time. Visits a parlour or spa, a coffee or lunch out with friends, or an occasional shopping spree would serve to add pep to your life. Remember, a fit and happy woman spreads energy and joy to her family, so learn to make space for yourself, irrespective of a ‘busy’ schedule’. Love yourself along with your home and family. That is the formula for a healthy and happy family.

The Above Article is written by

Mrs.Malini Sahni
Public Speaker


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