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Pallavi is a freelance content writer, currently working on her Baking project – Cake Up Doha. She has worked as a content and copy editor for prominent news agencies in India and Doha; her most recent association being with Qatar Happening — a prominent lifestyle magazine in the city. An accountant by qualification, Pallavi likes to spend her free time with her family, friends, and pets and loves trying different cuisines.

I was 13 when I made a cake for the first time. I remember the incident with absolute clarity because even then I knew something very special was about to happen. It was a Sunday morning and my aunt and cousin were visiting. My sisters and I were all in the house and pretty upset because we couldn’t go out to play since the sun was unbearable that day. It was not a very affluent household so there was not much to entertain us within the house. And then, just like that, I remember my aunt asking if we wanted to eat cake. Of course we wanted to. All children want to– at all times. But cake? On a Sunday morning? We weren’t even close to anyone’s birthday in the family. And wasn’t it so difficult to get a good cake…like you needed to go to the bakery days in advance, tell them exactly what you want, stress on wanting a moist, rich cake, and then if you were lucky enough you’d get something close to what you wanted—and here we were suddenly planning to have cake! And we did — it was like learning how to make magic happen.

Over the years my sisters and I made many cakes. We had this routine; whenever we had a birthday or anniversary we would sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night and bake cakes to surprise them in the morning. I remember we even tried to shift the electric mixer to the bathroom once so that the whipping sound didn’t wake our parents. Those nights will always remain etched in my memory; we sat in complete darkness, with only the golden light from the oven reflecting on our faces as we watched our cake rise!!

I have always believed that what is meant to be, will be. My love for baking found its way when I came to Qatar and Cake Up happened– like it had been God’s plan all along. It was such that my brother-in-law’s company was hosting an event for some of their clients and my sister asked if I wanted to bake them cupcakes. That was our first gig. Thanks to the constant encouragement that I always receive from my parents, sisters, and friends, Cake Up is now my reality — From the all-nighter pulled for baking my first 50 cupcakes to pulling off 5-tiered wedding cakes, Cake Up has been an awesome ride. The kind of love we have received from our clients in Doha is something I could have never imagined. It is just because of their support and patronage that we are now considering a physical presence in the city in form of a small café! Cake Up is just a year old now and there are miles to go before I sleep, but I am happy that the journey has begun. A journey that I know is not going to be easy but I’m still looking forward to with all my heart. Because every time I bake, I am just as happy as the 13-year-old me was on that Sunday morning.

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