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Meghana Muralidharan-The Story of Rising Creative Writer


I am Meghana Muralidharan I hail from the town called Kannur, in the state of Kerala. I work as Creative Writer and as a Designer for the start-up company called 974 Kids (974 Design and Development) based in Qatar. My parents are settled in Qatar for the past 9 years and I have two younger brothers.

Well I am a person who had explored a bit more into extracurricular activities rather than academics starting from school days.

My Love for anchoring has always been into me ,even during my school days I was regularly  a part of the co-curricular activities, dancing writing and anchoring , I enjoyed being  in the lime light ,expressing myself through art ,take up responsibilities.

So during my college, for my Internship I started my journey as a freelance content writer for Society Magazine – Gulf Times, Where I published my first article “Do you like orange”, Well Later I was surprised to receive lots of encouragement and gratitude for sharing this article. I also found that when I was writing, I enjoyed the process of it all. I loved crafting a story, reflecting on my experiences, keeping a tangible benchmark of what I had learned so I could keep growing, and sharing my stories with other people so that they could gain something from them.so working for gulf times  helped me explore more about colors and its aspects which indeed nurtured my talent for writing.

I completed my Bachelors in Interior Design, from Srm University, Chennai, since then I have published my articles across various platforms regarding colours and Design and their effect on human nature and behaviour, it was a great learning curve in my early career.

Well, Being a designer ,I was more fascinated about how the design influenced people how it gets involved in the eyes of the viewers and this had lead me to research more about design psychology , many of us still would be amazed of how the effect of colours have an impact on our emotions and behaviours. Well it depends on your upbringing, growing up in Kerala had its impact  on me the colours, the nature, cultural background and personal preference all those had effect on me as a person which resulted in me being better writer and a designer.

Writing can explain the approach or philosophy that underpins your design. It can guide users through complex processes. It can even help cover for the quirks and compromises in our designs—through any sort of medium.  The key to success, is not only understanding what each colour means from a psychological perspective, but learning how your ideal customer will respond to the shades you choose in context.

But the question of how designers become writers is a difficult one so exactly who qualifies and authors design would depend on how you define the term and determine design along them.

I believe writing has allowed me to tell better stories because it is a matter of organizing your thoughts and deciding what or how you are going to present them.


It’s all about the power of putting pen to paper.


  • I always feel there is much power in putting pen to paper. Wellbeing a creative writer, I always feel that we could get the words down faster by typing but the pen is so much more powerful. It’s the art of being able to express oneself which can be only nourished with time.


  • And moreover when you write I feel your dreams or things you want to do in a near future can have amazing effect because when you write them down , you acknowledge their importance and they could become real or it can go from just being a thought either a physical manifestation on paper.

Being a creative writer of 974 Kids it has helped to grow and develop my skills, The founder of 974 Kids Ms. Aljazi Alhenzab has helped me to realise my inner potential in a better way. Working with 974 kids I have got the mere opportunity to explore and learn about branding & communication solutions, project –design management. Through 974 kids, I got to study and learn about child’s psychology, how things around them is evolved. Environmental, genetic, and cultural factors can all affect a child’s development, and how quickly they progress from one stage to the next. When we think of children’s design, it might seem very simple and fun but a lot of factors are involved which makes its picture perfect.

I feel attention and creativity are completely invested in content writing- creation and strategizing. The quality of the content and consistency adds creativity to it which grows in different forms. Likewise, writing liberates me in ways, nothing else can. Thus, I am still learning as each day passes by.

 “As Eleandor once quoted The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. “


  • Mentor as Think Design for Architecture and Design Students ( Month of May –April)
  • Creative Writer for Gulf Time, Society Magazine.
  • Web Content writing, blog – All and about Qatar.
  • Web Content writing – Q-Tickets
  • Blog Writing – The colour Run, Doha.
  • Creative writer – 974 Kids- Website, Blog, post, Content.
  • Currently working as Creative writer and Designer for 974 Kids.

You can Read Her Articles by clicking on the link below

Gulf Times :-
So this is how her journey had started into writing and her love for it gradually increased, her family and friends has always supported ,Especially her mother encouraged her to take up different challenges.

Meghana Muralidharan

Contact Her On
Instagram:- https://instagram.com/meghna__murali?igshid=14ottu2mmya8o
Email-ID:- meghnanambiar22@gmail.com


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