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List of Low Risk Countries by MOPH


Qatar has named 40 countries from around the world in its list of “low-risk” countries as it announced plans to open its borders to priority-travellers from these countries from August 1.

The list does not feature India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal or Bangladesh — countries that are home to some of the biggest expatriate communities in Qatar — but has eight Asian countries, including China.

The list of low-risk countries will be reviewed every two weeks. If there are accredited COVID-19 testing centres in one of these low-risk countries, obtaining a COVID-free certificate from one of these centres exempts the traveller from taking the test at the airport upon arrival in the country, provided that the date of obtaining the certificate does not exceed 48 hours before traveling.
Arrivals from countries that are not included in the list of low-risk countries and in which COVID-19 testing centres have been accredited are required to obtain a virus-free certificate no more than 48 hours before travelling.


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