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Yusuf Khan-A Multifaceted Personality


An Accountant by profession and an upcoming Model with passion in Singing, Photography and Travelling.

I work in the finance department of a leading Insurance Company in Qatar. Though my Job is immensely satisfying, I love pursuing my passion as a Model. When I began my career as a fashion model, I never expected it would deepen my sense of self-love.

I have done a couple of shoots and shorts films with leading brands like Al Jazeera, Ooredoo, Aspire zone etc. I take every opportunity to Squeeze in time and efforts to fulfill my dreams.

Today, I follow dozens of models who create positive change in various ways, reframing the way we perceive size, shape, color, gender, ability, age and beyond, and I’ve witnessed the impact of their efforts firsthand.

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I always knew that I had the look for it, and I believed in myself. I knew I could help inspire people and make a difference.

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The industry is a lot better now as far as being more open, but I wish that high-fashion brands would push themselves to expand their idea of what beauty really is.  I believe that industry just let people be exactly who they are.  The fashion industry is constantly evolving and becoming more and more inclusive, which is an amazing thing.

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Apart from modelling for commercials, I have a lot of interest in photography. I have recently collaborated with a one of the professional photographer to have hands on experience and enhance my skills on various techniques to be used while working behind the camera.

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Posted by Yusuf Khan on Tuesday, 16 June 2020


Lastly my passion for singing is something I don’t want to let go in life. Though I am unable to devote enough time to singing, but InshaAllah I will see some sunlight in the near future.

Last but not the least, my advice for the all struggling artist, Create a plan for yourself and follow your heart. Chasing your dreams and becoming successful isn’t easy. You need to be grounded and have a strong mind. Don’t ever let fear or doubt get in the way of your dreams. Do your research and go. Don’t wait for tomorrow, do it now.

Yusuf Khan

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