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Makhandi/Caramel Halwa


Are you in the mood to try something with a caramel flavour? Try this Makhandi Halwa!

A smooth, satisfying and delicious halwa is uncomplicated to make but hits the sweet spot every time. This Halwa consist of semolina, Ghee and sugar.

This hugely popular recipe of this halwa hails from North West of India Punjab, now it’s Pakistan.


1 cup semolina
1 cup sugar
1 and a half cup milk
Ghee 1/2 cut
Green Cardamom powder 1/2 tea spoon
Almonds and any nuts you like take as much quantity you like
Makhandi Halwa is apopular sweet dish from Punjab, pakistan. It is made with Semolina, Milk , Ghee and sugar. It tastes so amazing with caramel flavours and served on a special occasions.

How to make it 

First soak the semolina in milk for 30-40 mins
Then warm up the ghee and put sugar and keep mixing when all the sugar melts and caramelized  (make sure it’ll be golden color don’t burn it) then put semolina and milk and mix quickly and keep mixing it until everything will be combined & then add cardamom powder and cook until the ghee will separate.
Serve it hot with dry fruits & Nuts over it.

The Above Recipe is shared by Faisal

Food lover,Cook,Pakistani living in Qatar


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